Fall Intros

opnjmprsAugust 21, 2014

While cruising daylily sites yesterday, I noticed that Floyd Cove Nursery has their new fall intros up. I saw 3 that I'm putting on my early Christmas wish list.


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No need to let this hang. I'm not a Floyd Cove advertiser....but I do like some of their intros.


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I've taken advantage of a local DL farm that has a 30% off sale in the fall. I was able to purchase a recent introduction (2011) for less than what the hybridizer offers it for. I wouldn't have been able to buy it if it were full price!

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shive(6b TN)

Which three grabbed you? I got the catalog yesterday but didn't see anything that looked different from what I already have.


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I received the catalog the other day, and several really wowed me. I want JOLLY GOOD YELLOW! I also like the ones out of tet TEXAS KALEIDOSCOPE. Other favorites include PEAK OF PERFECTION, which sounds like it'd put on a fantastic display, and the dreamy HEARTS OF DIXIE, which apparently has at least one dormant one in its background.

But I have had mixed success with the southern stuff. Some, like GET JIGGY, are just wonderful; others have croaked during their first winter. I'm sure dormancy in the background is a key element, if not the key one. My inclination is to let other northern collectors buy at intro prices and test grow for me. So, Linda, let me know how your three do for you. ;)

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The 4 I like most are Barracuda Bite (more teeth genetics to play with), Jolly Good Yellow (wasn't on their website when I posted), Roman Steel, and Going Big Time.

Lynxe, Summer Crown rot has been more of a loss issue for me than nasty winter cold. The majority of my registered DL's are Sev's, followed by Ev's and the dormants are in the minority. Most of the plants are field grown, with a dozen or so around the house. I did loose a few older lilies last winter in one particular bed, but overall I've had crown rot cause more losses than winter hardiness issues.

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Maryl zone 7a

I like that Jolly Good Yellow too. I hope someone tries it out. Below is a link to the Floyd Cove website.....Maryl

Here is a link that might be useful: Floyd Cove intros

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uroboros5(Z5 Quebec)

Patterns Aplenty would be on my buy list... but I'm in Canada boohoo.

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