How to grow Swamp Sunflower...Hints?

aveo5July 5, 2010

I finally found some roots of this sunflower, 'Helianthus Angustifolius',it takes off by its roots, and it is starting to put out leaves on its stems,but they are round and soft and light green. I am nearly 100% sure they are the Swamp Sunflower. But they are not gaining any height,and the shape of the leaves have me thrown off. I recall them being thin,rough,dark green,and stiff.

I cant seem to get these to grow, I have the sections I bought,in a growpot, trying to get them off to a good start,before I put them into the sand soil we have here in south Fla. Does anyone have any idea how to get these plants to grow? I use to have them in my yard, and they grew like weeds. Didn't have to do anything to them,barely watered them,and I had a jungle of them! Then one season , they didn't come up,and it has been years since I finally got these sections from EBay. I never knew what they were called. I got these and they are rooted in the growpot in very good fast draining soil,but I cant get any height on them, and these round soft leaves have me stumped! Are they 'baby leaves', and the older the plant gets, they will start to get the long thin leaves?

Or did I get stuck with a different type of sunflower? Does anyone have any hints on ho to get these up and growing? I am in Ft.Laud. if anyone is near me,maybe I could come see yours in the ground...maybe make sure that I am even growing the right one? I dont think this seller sold me the wrong thing, she grows them every year,she said, and the stems/roots looked like what I remember when I had them in my yard. But I am stumped. Can anyone help?

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I wonder if there are many different ones called "swamp sunflower"? We have them growing wild here on our property. We have moist clay soil, mostly woods. But ours is the narrow-leafed variety and they aren't short, they get about 3 ft. tall and there are no round leaves on them. They are also called narrow-leafed sunflower. I love them. I tried to save seed from them but it didn't work. Sometimes a common name such as "swamp sunflower" is applied to several different species. Since you have sandy soil you might not be able to grow them easily anyways.

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I posted the botanical name,to be sure that everyone knows the sunflower I am talking about. It grows like a weed here in south Fla, in bog areas and in dry areas, it is nearly a weed. It is the long leafed one,rough like sandpaper,and dark green. That is why the round soft light green leaves are throwing me off. I use to grow it in my yard for over ten years,then one year it just didnt come back up from the roots.
The soil here is nearly pure sand, and this sunflower grows to over 10 feet sometimes,on thin stems and blooms in the fall,and spreads by the roots. So i was asking for hints on how to grow it. I must be doing something wrong, because I cant get height out of it yet, and it has these round leaves. I am sure it is the one I wanted,but it isnt growing like the one I expected. The woman I bought the sections from,sent the pictures of it,and it is the plant/flowers that I have been looking for, for 10 years, and it is called Swamp Sunflower, and the botanical name that I listed.
So I am trying to find out if I am giving it to good of soil,to much food, to much water,i just dont know. so I am asking.

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