Indian Tulsi

xminionJuly 30, 2013

Anyone get seed for Indian Tulsi? Another name for it is Holy Basil. It's not the basil grown in the US. It's the basil that most Hindus have in their house in India,

It's one of the few herbs that helps my acid reflux naturally.

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I had some seeds this spring, will try to find them.
Do you know how Hindus grow it? I have planted in pots, but it flowering all the time, not sure if they replant it all the time or cut to renew?

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Boy, I'd appreciate that, briergardener. They use the flowers for good health. Next time I'm at the Indian grocer I'll ask the owner how the Hindus keep renewing it.

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I am not home right now and can't look for them, but I have ordered them this spring from: basil
This site is not very expensive.
Let me know if it's expensive for you to buy, I'll try to find my seeds when I come home and mail you.

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Will order from Superseeds. Thanks for your assistance.
Will be going to Indian grocer in the middle of the month. Will get back to you on replant or cut question.

I do know that succeeding generations use the same plant!
Thanks again.

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nickl(Z7a NJ)

Holy basil/Tulsi seed should be fairly easy to locate. I've seen it listed by many suppliers.

Tulsi plants are highly frost-sensitive. They can be grown outdoors as annuals - similar to other types of basil. But if you live in a location that gets frosts and you want to grow yours as a perennial, you'll have to grow it in a container that you can move indoors BEFORE first frost.

We've found that growing basil indoors in the winter in typical home conditions to be a challenge. Basil needs a LOT of light to grow properly (at least 6 hours of GOOD light), and it also suffers in the typically low humidity in heated homes. But it can be done if you pay attention to conditions.

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I have been growing the tulsi basil from seed for several years with great success.I grow the Ram tulsi,Krishna,Van tulsi or clove basil and Ashwagandha, very easy to grow. I grow them in a shallow container filled up to 3/4 from the top with coarse vermiculite sitting in a larger shallow container with water in it. spread the seeds on top of the vermiculite uncovered and have patience. The link below is where I bought my seeds from.

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what fertilizer you are using? How often? What min temp it can stay outside?
I am growing it first time in self-watering containers, but it does not grow more good.

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Hi- I am a Hindu and do grow tulsi; it needs basically the same conditions as basil. I have already brought in both Tulsi and basil since they're both frost-sensitive here in NY. Tulsi needs bright light and water when the soil is dry during the winter. You can trim it in spring to get the desired look you want; it will simply send out new branches. I use Miracle Grow all purpose and fertilize once a week during active growing season; I don't fertilize during winter. I usually bring them back outside around end of May with adequate hardening-off first. Mr.greenjeans way to go!!


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Thank you, Nerry.
I have tulsi growing in pots still outside (will take inside soon).
I am drinking tulsi tea from Organic India company, but want to make my own. I am growing tulsi first year. It's flowering right now.
What parts of the plant are used to make a tea?
Can I remove all flowers before bringing inside?


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Hello Gail,

You can make a tea using the leaves only; I don't use my tree for this reason; only for religious reasons so I don't have a recipe for you. (You can google tulsi tea recipe and many should come up.) You don't have to remove the flowers- just bring in the plant and the flowers will dry by themselves. This way, you can save the tiny seeds by opening each little "pouch".

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I purchase my holy basil seed from Richter's
Check out the link and see if this is the one you are looking for.



Here is a link that might be useful: Richters Seed Cataloge Holy Basil Page

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

I've had the best luck with tulsi/holy basil seed from Horizon Herbs. You can get a couple of different varieties there.


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