What did you do for Halloween??

buff24(5b (SW Ohio))November 2, 2006

My husband loves halloween, so we decorated our front porch and dressed up in scary costumes for handing out candy! Yes, some of the very small children were afraid, and we even had a few cryers, but the majority of kids and adults just loved our set-up and gave us lots of compliments. We also had scary music playing in the background, and we could hear people all the way up the street saying "Let's go to the scary house!" or the alternative "I don't want to go to the scary house!" Anyway, we had a blast on Halloween, so here are a few pics of what we did, maybe you can describe what you did for Halloween? Pictures are always appreciated...


My husband... with Murphy at the door, poised to go out...

Me... sorry this is blurry. Hubby was taking the picture with those giant skeleton gloves on.

My husband on the front porch, ready to hand out candy... note the addition of fog...

Our front porch set-up...

The two of us together... I'm not sure why I look so huge in this picture... All I can think of is the costume was previously worn by my 6'3" 230lb husband, so it is sized to fit him. Plus, I had on a pair of his XXL black pants, since I don't have any black wind pants. The costume looks gigantic on me...

The pumpkins we carved...

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awesome costumes and set up buff...

we just put a pumpkin costume on our pug and took her trick or treating....she got lots of laughs...and doggie treats...

our 13 year old stayed home to hand out the candy...


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i_dig_it(z5a - Illinois)

T'was a quiet night at our house. We live in an older neighborhood and not many have their porch lights on for the kids. Since we are at the end of the street, not many treck down here for one house. We had 2 kids, that's it.

Love your set up there Buff, I bet it was fun to be scary right along with the kids!


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I did not hand out treats this year. The landscapping on the way to the door was torn up and I did not want any kids getting hurt. It was really cold and windy anyway. The neighbor said she only got five kids.

Here is a funny story. One of my co-workers was kind of sick so she worked from home that day. She started to feel a little better towards dusk, and she had purchased candy. She had been in a bathrobe all day and her hair was a mess. She found a goofy looking hat, a pair of eye glasses with eyeballs on springs bouncing off the front of them and a fake mustasche. She had quite a few trick or treaters and she put on a goofy act for each group that came to the door.

The last group of the nite was 6 little kids and two dads in masks. She opened the door and started into her act. Keep in mind that this woman has a very distinct voice. After she finished her performance one of the men said "Randi?????" That's her name. Turns out this guy was one of the higher up VP's in our company. She had done some market research for him recently and had several meetings with him. She was so embarrassed that she dropped the plastic pumpkin of candy! LOL

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you guys would of scared my 5 year old to death!
we always go to the same neighborhood to trick or treat (the one my hubby grew up in) last year there was a women dressed up as cat women, not very scary I thought, but this year he kept asking us, is this where cat women is? and he kept staying back from the door letting his older brother ring the doorbell, so funny! he would stand there with 1 foot on the bottom step and waited til the person answered the door before he would go up there.
no cat women this year, just some teens dressed like skeletons and he would not go up there and declared he was done trick or treating.

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