Oh and question #2: spice amounts?

silverwind(z5 IL)June 14, 2011

I also have about 4.5 lbs of peaches and an equal amount of nectarines I'm wanting to can as sliced. My husband LOVES anise flavoring (loves loves!! Crazy guy.. *lol* ) and I'd like to do the peaches up with a mix of anise seed/ginger/...?

I've thought of adding vanilla to help mellow it out, or other things, but my biggest worry is... how much anise seed or ginger would be suggested for this amount of peaches? I can adjust ratios just fine, but all the recipes I've found take star anise, which I don't have. (and I've not found very exact measurements for ginger additions.) I DO have a large quantity of anise seed to use up, I'm not sure how to gauge how much of it to substutite for the star anise, and I'm not finding luck with Mr. Google. :)

(Me, I'm fine with my plain 'ol peaches when I'm in the mood, but this should be a small batch and I'd like to do something more suited to his tastes for a treat...)

Thanks so much!!! :)

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I use 1 teaspoon each ground ginger and nutmeg to 4 cups of peach pulp to make spiced peach butter. I would not recommend using anise seed in your sliced peaches because of the texture, though you could heat the peaches with a cloth bag of crushed anise seed to impart the flavor (taste testing all the while) and then remove it before canning.

Perhaps you could can the slices with ground ginger and at serving time put a drop of anise oil or anise extract in the newly opened jar? I don't think either the oil or extract are acceptable to use when canning fruit, but I could not find any information either way.


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I would put some anise seed and a few slices of fresh ginger in the pot when you make your syrup. I personally do a lite syrup - 1 cup sugar to 6 cup water. Taste until you get the flavor right - you want a mellow flavor, since the flavors can intensify during the canning process. I would strain out the spices before adding the syrup to the jars.

It's hard to give you exact quantities of spices since everybody has a different palate. I would try a 1/2 tsp of anise seed and 1" of ginger.

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silverwind(z5 IL)

I think spicing the syrup is how it's going to go, I certainly wouldn't want to chew down on an anise seed with my peaches (although honestly, I think he wouldn't mind!).. :)

Thanks so much for the measurement ideas! I'd not mind adding the flavors to the jars themselves, but I have ginger and anise seed readily on hand, and I'd rather not make more purchases for things I'd not regularly use.. that's been the problem. ;D At least I *do* have cheesecloth - a lot of it - and enough kitchen twine to make up a second bag of spices, if I decide to add any extra mid-batch from tasting. I know he REALLY likes his anise... crazy, but it's his treat, not mine. *lol*

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