Tell us your 'pet peeves'!

JaniceNovember 3, 2006

For me, one of my biggest is that it really annoys the heck out of me when folks don't use

their turn signals and when folks run the red light--three cars (and more) past the turning of it!

Bad enough anyone does it at all but it's getting more and more cars thinking they have

the right to ignore the "rules" of safe driving and putting others at risk just so

they can get through it ahead of those waiting their turn to go!!!

Also--wet toilet seats! You know how that happens and then to leave it for someone

else to deal with--absolutely----the height of trashiness to me! Ughhhhhh!!!! How inconsiderate

can one be for their "fellow-man/woman"!

Sorry to address such a "delicate" and "distasteful" subject but it is probably my biggest pet peeve!!

So--it's Friday and you've had a full week and must have a few pet peeves you'd like to get off

your chest--so tell us won't you?


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hostared(Z5, IL)

When someone does not hold the door open for you when your right behind them. I usually say within ear shot "Thank You" doesn't take much to hold the door and say thank you.

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i_dig_it(z5a - Illinois)

Oh boy Janice, I think you've opened a can of worms, lol.

I have to agree with the one about using turn signals and the wet toilet seats, but to go one step further and say that when they don't flush after themselves, is to me, an awful nasty thing to do in a public restroom. I wonder if that is what they do in their own home. UGH! Gross, Gross, Gross!!!

Another BIG pet peeve with me is litter bugs. As I've mentioned before, hubby and I volunteer at our local state park. We walk the trails helping people find their way on the 15+ miles of hiking trails. We also help maintain the trails, by picking up the trash that others choose to leave behind. Why they do it is beyond me. I guess it's the way society is today. It's the "let someone else clean up after me" attitude that really boils my blood. There are plenty of water bottles and soda and beer cans left behind, but then there are also DIRTY DIAPERS thrown behind a tree. Like you said, just plain trashiness and no respect for others that might be trying to enjoy an encounter with nature, only to have it trashed up by those ahead of you. Disgusting!

I'm sure I'll think of more, but those are at the top of my list.

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

Try working in an elementary school. Don't kids know how to flush???? If you walk into the bathroom 99% of the time none of the 10 stalls have a toilet where there isn't a present just waiting for someone else to have to flush. I would hate to be our custodian.

I hate bosses who aren't responsible for their actions or who try to pawn their jobs off on everyone else.

Lately....I cannot stand political ads and political phone calls. If my job didn't depend on who was elected, I would be turned off to voting all together this year. How negative can these things get. It probably doesn't help when you lean strongly one way.

We've had this discussion before, but out of control children are one of my biggest pet peeves. We have so many of them at my school, and the parents feel it's the teachers who need to teach their kids manners and responsibility...hello, that comes from home first.

I better stop before I blow a gasket!

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daisy_me(Z6b IL)

Having just come back from running around in St. Louis.....

People who don't know how to merge onto the interstate. Maybe it's just this area, but everyone seems to think it's a "move out of my way" rather than a "merge".

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One of my biggest pet peeves is people that complain all the time! No matter what is going on, they manage to see the negative in the situation, and grumble, grumble, grumble and try to get all those around them in an equally negative mood!

Seriously, you know the type. They could have just won the lottery, and they would be complaining that the jackpot was bigger LAST week! Those kind of folks drive me crazy and I try to avoid them as best I can.

Unfortunately, I have a couple in the family that I can't distance myself far enough away from! My only alternative is to try to drive them crazy by always pointing out the positive and refusing to buy into their bah humbug attitude.

They can't stand that! LOL!

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buff24(5b (SW Ohio))

One of my biggest pet peeves are people who I refer to as "one uppers." They are people who are always "one upping" everyone else... For example, you may have just gotten a new car, so you are excited about it and telling your co-workers, then the "one upper" jumps in and starts talking about HIS new car, and how it is so much better/nicer/faster/cheaper, etc. than the new car you just got. You know what I'm talking about? Or you tell them you just got a new tv, they ask how much you paid for it, and then they proceed to tell you that they just got a way better/bigger tv, for so much cheaper... Or they saw the exact same tv at some store and it was $500 cheaper. It doesn't matter what you're talking about, the "one uppers" always have a story to top yours to try and "steal your thunder..." Grrr...


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The merging thing bugs me too. Yesterday I was on my way to the Farmer's Market. I was stopped at an intersection. The light turned green and suddenly the teen driver of a large pickup on my right side, decided she needed to be in the lane on my left side. She started veering into the passenger side of my car when the cars behind me and her started honking. She then slams on her brakes till I'm out of the way, crosses 2 lanes and makes a left turn on a red light. As I was just getting ahead of her I looked in my rear view mirror to see this teen's mother giving me the finger. And here is the real kicker. They were turning into the Basilica of St. Mary's - for Mass I pressume!

And the one uppers bug me too. Along with the people who constantly interrupt you before you finish you sentence. Not just occasionally, but all the time.

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Wow, you've all hit some sore points with me!

I've got to add that I dislike "takers"...those are the folks that only speak to you when they want something. I work with a bunch of them. Most of the time they ignore you, but the moment the need something, WHAM, they're your best friend.

The other thing is people who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom, talk about gross!! We have a fellow that is trying to be a gal at our office, he dresses and looks like a girl, uses the ladies' room, but he pees standing up and doesn't wash his hands! Needless to say, we're all grossed out to the nth degree and use paper towels to open the door when leaving.

Oh, and we have a water filter machine in the break room, I HATE it when people fill up their empty water bottles by sticking the mouth of their used bottle right up around the spigot! Talk about unsanitary! I've complained to the health and safety coordinator, but they say there's nothing they can do. Amazing.

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My pet peeve is being on the receiving end of forwarded emails (jokes, chain letters, etc) from family and friends. Then in the email they usually say something like "I never forward this stuff, but this is a good one". Sometimes I ask them to please stop, but it rarely works.

Another pet peeve has to do with traffic. It irks me when a pedestrian jaywalks across 4-6 lanes of traffic (on a major arterial) without so much as looking.

Political phone calls bug me too. Bill Clinton left a voice mail message the other night reminding me to vote for such-n-such. good grief.

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lavendargrrl(7b Apex, NC)

Oh....the litterbug thing bothers me to! Here in North Carolina, the NCDOT has this program called Swat-a-Litterbug. It's an educational program that is 'enforced' by people like you and me. Basically, the way it works is if you see someone driving down the road that tosses some sort of trash out the car window (cigarette butts especially irk me as they are not biodegradable), you can go to this Web site and fill out a report of what you witnessed. You submit the tag number of the offending vehicle, along with the date, approximate time and location, and a description of the littering. The owner of the vehicle is sent a formal notification signed by the Colonel of the State Highway Patrol that someone was observed littering from his/her vehicle and a reminder of the fines for littering. They also send along a litter bag for the litterer to carry in the vehicle so that they can properly dispose of trash in the future! You should check out the Web site. They recently even added a copy of the letter that gets sent out to the site.

Here is a link that might be useful: NCDOT Swat-a-Litterbug Program

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Daisy Me, your peeve about merging on the interstate made me think of one. People that use the Hammer lane to just drive in, and they stick to the speed limit, almost like they have the cruise control on! Meanwhile, cars are backing up behind them...and folks in the right lane have no where to go when someone is trying to merge. Drives me crazy. States now are passing laws about it, but mine isn't one of them yet.

I also hate to wait. If I am waiting for something I know ahead is gonna take some time, I am fine. My biggest peeves are having an appointment you are early, or on time for, and having to wait forever. I sat in a Doctors' office last year so long I fell asleep. I had an appointment, and waited over 2 hours, after working all day and having a late appointment for a reason! Plus, I had an hour drive to get home after! needless to say, we ate KFC for supper that night!

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poppi(z5 ohio)

- Slow drivers in the fast lane...move over!!!!!
- Drivers on the cell phone that are oblivious to whats going on aroung them...Get off the phone!!!!!
- Drivers that don't know how to merge onto the're supposed to get up to speed with the traffic...use the accelerator!!!
- people who leave their barking dog outside all night...geez, get the wax out of your ears and let the dog in!!!
- This years election...I'm disgusted...and you want my vote...gimme a break!
- Hummers...sorry, it drives me nuts!!!

I know I have many more but lucky for you I can't think of them right now.

OK...maybe I have anger issues...There does seem to be a theme to a number of my peeves though. LOL!!!

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Boy and I thought our town was the one with the bad drivers obviously not! I do so hate to get flipped off, really hurts my feelings! On the cigarette butt thing.. if you did that here you would spend your whole time writing down incidents, happens all the time, I would say we have a VERY high amount of smokers here. had a scary incident Halloween night, we are on our way home on the highway, both kids in the backseat, DH pulled up pretty close behind a motorcyle driver, well he kept revving on it, told hubby, maybe you pulled too close, well no cause he was in another lane at the next stoplight and was revving on it til his front end was coming off the ground, we were behind him once speed got up to 65, he slows down, so we go around him, guy speeds up again, back and forth like this, plus they had some road work going on and had the left lane closed in places, we were in front of him on one of them and he gets way up behind us, when the other lane opens he goes flying past again, then he is in front of us and starts fishtailing, so afraid the boys was going to see a drunk dump himself on the highway! DH just backed way off, that is the downside to having a sportscar, people always think you want to race.
oh! that is my pet peeve! just cause I have a mustang does not mean I want a drag racing ticket!

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

I hate slow drivers in the fast lane, and the cigarette butt thing too! Speaking of people on cell phones who can't drive, I've also noticed a high number of smokers who can't seem to drive when they are smoking. It's like they have to drive really slow to enjoy their cigarette.

I had to laugh at your drag racing comment Micke! My husband always thinks people are trying to race him...and he just has a Grand Am GT. LOL!!

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How about when you have two items and the person ahead of you at the checkout has a overflowing cart and doesn't have the curtesy of letting you go ahead of them? It's like I can have my two items scanned and paid for before they are even done unloading, but do you think they'll let me go ahead of them? Personally, I often wave people behind me, ahead of me if I'm on the buy for a week trips and they have a few items, I just plain consider that common curtesy. Some days it's not just one person, but several, it sure doesn't kill me to have to wait a few extra seconds and let them go ahead of me instead of them waiting for me to finish a large transaction. I swear shoppers are the absolute rudest people. I remember being on crutches and trying to push a cart and someone actually knocking me down to get in the checkout lane before me.

Want to talk about driving, how about the person who does not use turn signals? Kind of a running joke with me, I say, turn signals must have been optional on that model of car. But truth be known, it is not funny. Last week I was leaving a parking lot and the car ahead of me was a good 75% in the left turn lane and didn't have a turn signal on. I sat back and waited, wondering what to do since I was planning on turning right. I finally thought, well she is mostly in the left turn lane, so I moved in beside her in the right turn lane. OMG, big mistake, she laid on the horn something aweful and her passenger started yelling at me and giving me the finger. Of course the biach side of me was up for a fight, I sure didn't need this, wanted to tell her that if she wanted to turn right then get in the right lane and put on a turn signal, but the passive side of me won over, figured I didn't need a case of road rage and I backed off, let her go, but I am still steaming over the matter. Just kind of one of those things that bother me, if I am following you or before you, let me know which way you intend to go, it really isn't that hard to flip on that turn signal. I don't care if you are on a back country road or interstate highway, it's not that hard to flip on that signal. Come on folks, just lift that arm and hit the signal lever, won't give you blisters or crack a nail, take my word for it, it's really quit easy, lol.

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When I go to the store, it is usually for two weeks or even a months worth of food, and I ALWAYS let people go ahead of me, but not very many people do that I know, how about the people who use the grocery store as their personal meeting place? I have to do alot of turning around and going all the way down another aisle and coming back up the one to get items I want, and with two kids following me around this is not so easy, when DH goes with, it is kinda embarrasing, cause he will just go "excuse me" and barrel on through, lots of times hitting their carts, cause they STILL won't move, makes us seem like the rude people.
we have a lot of no turn signalers here too, very aggravating.
those Grand Am GTs are awful sporty looking, they probably are wanting to race him! lol!
okay have to paint you the pic, 1990 Ford Mustang GT 5.0.
Black (with a wide magenta stripe running down the hood)
girl driver all this = punky boys thinking they can blow my doors off.
I really do not care, have had the car for 13 years, it has over 250,000 miles on it, never left me stranded, so I am going to baby it and treat it good:)

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

Yes, I can see people wanting to race you in the mustang.

My husband's car is black and he has the windows tinted. Always thinks people want to race him. If they pull up next to at a stop sign...they wanna race him. One of these days it's going to be the police.

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yep, met the police (okay it was when I first had it, I was only 18!) learned fast that I did not like paying the tickets or the higher insurance!
black is a excellent color to have, one of my personal favs! had to take the tint off, it is illegal here, we had it on our 75 trans am the whole time we had it, but it only traveled on the road when we was going to car shows, so we never got ticketed in it (just lucky though)

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von1(z4 NY)

Yea, I can vent!!!!!
I drive a honda accord. I guess people that own SUVs and TRUCKS don't realize they are blinding me with their lights,cause they are higher, when they insist on crawling up the back of my car instead of staying back a safe distance. My sister(SUV driver) rode with me to the craft store one night when this was happening. She commented,"Whats with the lights?" Needless to say, she got an earful.....

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lavendargrrl(7b Apex, NC)


I have an SUV (Jeep Liberty) and my former vehicle was an SUV as well (Honda CRV). I have to say the blinding lights in the side mirrors thing happens to us SUV drivers, too! I never really put together that it's happening because someone is driving too close, but I guess that makes sense. It doesn't happen every time someone is behind me. I really hate when it happens because my eyes are very sensitive to light at night for some reason much more than during the day.

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Yesterday I got reminded of my all time pet peeve!!!!!

That is (insert a good stream of cuss words here) azzholes that dump animals off on the side of the road.

I had thought I had another kitten dumped on me, turns out it just wondered away from the neighbors litter. But even though this one wasn't dumped, I have had numerous animals dumped off here through the years and it's one of those things that ticks me off big time.

Ticked off isn't even the word for it, with me it goes beyond ticked off. It is extreamly cruel. If this animal doesn't find someone at least willing to take it to the pound, and yes I have had taken many to the pound as much as it breaks my heart, but I refuse to keep anymore animals than I can properly take care of, it would be cruel to the ones I already have if I didn't take this stance.

Anyhow, if this dumped animal doesn't find anyone willing to take it in, or take it to the pound where at least it has food and water, both the above options are very rare, then it is a road pizza, starving to death, or goes feral where it is a problem for the residents of that area.

Since I live in a rual area, I have seen all this first hand, more times than I care to remember. So because someone is too insensitive to remember that what they have is a living thing, they just throw it away like it was yesterdays trash, I'm the one stuck crying all the way to and from the pound, or scraping it off the road, or having it treaten my animals, or spending my money putting out extra food for starving wild ones I can't get near.

Sorry, I'll climb off my soap box now, believe me, I could go on and on. I know most of you have pets and they are cherished members of the family, just as mine are.

Truth be known, I want that kitten back, in the few hours I had him, I feel in love with him, he wasn't pretty, but omg, what a personality. But again, I won't take anymore than I can properly care for and I already have 7 cats, finally got the last of them fixed a couple weeks ago, I just can't afford any more. I am still fighting the urge to go to the neighbor and asking for him back.

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Oh, MY....
My Hubby and I purchased a collector car (1941 Special Deluxe Chevy Coupe) in August. Of course, It has NO TURN SIGNALS (they came to be in the mid 50's ,I think) Anyway, We were coming home from a car show at 6:00 in August and it was bright sun. We were coming from the North and Hubby put out his arm with the LEFT signal....A young female driver was on her cell phone decided to pass us on the left!!!!!!!..... Good thing that hubby was watching!!! Otherwise we would have had her in our right side of our NEW 1941 car....

I though we had to learn Hand signals to get a driver's license???

Drivers make me crazy!!!!!

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