Some problems with Basil leaves

michellethemitJuly 9, 2010

Good morning!

I have some sweet basil, in pots, that I recently transplanted to a larger pot (day or two ago). The leaves are acting funny. This is affecting most of the normal, large leaves on the plant, the growing leaves at the top don't seem to have this isssue. The problem: leaves (especially those at the bottom) have darker blue-green patches especially around the veins and when viewed from the underside, the patches are a transluscent green. Please view included pictures for clarity. Does anyone know what's happening? Is this something I should worry about, or is this just a side effect from transplantation (ie too rough or something)? I transplanted quite a few pots of basil, but this is my only pot that's giving me issues.

This is the plant in question.

Funky patches I was talking about.

Translucency in leaves (different leaf than the earlier picture, my camera is not that flexible).

More random information:

The plant is in a mini greenhouse so it doesn't suffer from too many enviromental extremes. Temperature outside right now is low 20s if you use C and mid 70s if you use F. High humidity. Recently had a long heatwave, plants were kept pretty well watered but may have wilted once or twice.

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I'm not sure if this is what you might be seeing. I can't access your pictures. I know this mildew has been traveling quite a bit this year.

Best of luck-

Here is a link that might be useful: Basil Downy

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My Basil developed brown spots. My neighbor said it was a blight. I got this powder called Dragoon Dust With Copper and put that on the plants. It worked like a miracle in no time! The spots disappeared and that plants returned to health.

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