Scraggly lavender.

Green_gnomeoJuly 22, 2013

Hello everyone,

I've got a problem with my Mini Blue lavender . I live up here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Just planted it this summer, at the beginning of June. I gave it a little pruning before I planted it on the ground. I've read that pruning it would give you a bushier plant but up to now it's kinda scraggly looking with just a few branches. There's some new young shoots growing out of the woody branches but it seems very slow growing compared to my other Mini Blue. I also noticed that the old leaves are turning yellow and curling brown at the tips. Is it dying? Did I overwater it? I only water it once a day during hot days. We did get a huge down pour last Friday. I've attached some pictures so you can see what I mean.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could help.

Thank you,

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balloonflower(5b Denver CO, HZ 5-6, Sunset 2b)

I am not a great expert in growing lavender myself, but it does appear as if it's been overwatered. Once a day seems a lot for such an arid type plant. The browning from the leaf tips is the same my rosemary does when starting to rootrot.

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I don't actually see anything wrong with that plant considering it is relatively newly planted. Old foliage dies - it's natural,especially after transplanting. There is lots of new growth coming and far from being scraggly I would say it is quite dense and healthy-looking. It wasn't necessary to prune it at planting time but it has done it no harm. Mini Blue is a compact cultivar and will never get very tall. I don't think you or it need any help. Just be patient and let it grow at its own pace bearing in mind it is a woody shrub, not a fast growing annual.

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Thank you for all your suggestions guys. But I still think there's something wrong with it. I have another Mini Blue lavender near by that's thriving. They were both planted at the same time. Check the photo. See the difference?

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Well - they do look different. But I still think that the first one is going to be fine. It has plenty of new growth visible. On the first one there appears to be a lot more mature wood which would break into growth more slowly. The second one appears to be all new growth. Were they exactly the same when you planted them? Did you trim them both the same amount?

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Yes, both of them were vibrant and green when I planted them. And both were trimmed by the same amount. I just noticed that the first one got less branches over time. balloonflower maybe right it could be rootrot. Will it recover? Or I just have to buy another one.


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If it were mine I'd leave it alone and wait. But it's your call.

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Ok. I'll wait and see. Thank you for the suggestions florauk.

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