Any photos of your Christmas decorated home to share?

JaniceDecember 25, 2006

I thought it might be fun to see our homes decorated in or out or both! I have some to share

that my son-inlaw took with my hubby's new camera that turned out quite well and once I get

them resized, etc.,I might post them if any of you are interested in doing the same!!!

Hmmmmm? You DID take pics. didn't you???

Had a wonderful Christmas as I hope you all did as well!


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I did not decorate this year. I did not do any entertaining at home this year and the time just got away from me. I can't believe 2006 is almost over!

I'd love to see how others decorated though!


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Okay, Teresa--just for you, here are three--I have more, but don't want to overload you with pics. of our
indoor decorations--I go nuts and do the whole house, including what we laughingly refer to as our "butler's pantry", since our remodel!!!

Here's a day-shot of our tree:

Here's another one of a view of our family room before the "carnage" began:

And the night-time version:

Let me know if your "BORED"--I've got add'tl. to fill your time! LOL


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Very nice! Looks like the tree barely fit. It looks like it's pressing against the ceiling.

More photos please!

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WONDERFUL!!! It looks like a Christmas Card. I also decorate the entire house. Will put some pictures together tomorrow.

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Oh goody, McT--I'd love to see yours!

Yes, Teresa, the tree just barely fits. We have always purchased cut trees till two years ago and the problem had been we could never find a fake tree that looks like what we'd buy "cut"! We'd always get one too tall and cut it back to touch the ceiling. Well, my solution was to buy a fake one two feet taller and cut it back, which we did. I have about two feet worth of unused brances bound together in the box and have to "work out" the placement minus the benefit of the color codes since I like to do "my own thing" in creating hopefully a real look. It seems to work but took me 2 1/2 hours to put it together and that didn't count lights (not prelit) or ornaments etc.

Here are a few more of the "house" decorating efforts!

Looking from kitchen eating area into dining area:

Looking toward front door and entry to family room, from kitchen eating area:

Looking back from front entry towards the kitchen:

The little "cafe" table and chairs usually sit in an area of my "secret garden" outside amongst the hosta but in the winter serves as a place for two grand-boys to sit, at family feasts, while the "adults" sit at a larger table (not seen) to the left of them in this pic.! Molly, our Lab, has to be in all photos, as per her self-designated "job assignment" or nearly all of them, anyhow! LOL

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aewsome janice....

and are not the lone decorations indoors here either....


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I accidentally posted my "Christmas Trees" on a separate thread. Here are some of the other decorations. I don't understand why some are turning out small and some too big. I will figure it out eventually I suppose.

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I enjoyed all the pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share.

I'm sorry to say that all I put up this year were 2 trees, one upstairs one downstairs and the nativity inside. Out side we have 3 lighted wreaths. What a cutback from other years when the whole house was decorated.


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Oh my goodness!!!!! How wonderful "McT"!!! What a fun place to visit and I bet it takes you forever
to get it all out and up and then packed away again.

I don't know about you, but mine is staying up for a couple more weeks to make it more
worthwhile to do all the work!

Hubby is taking some more pics. of our kitchen and "butler's pantry" and perhaps I'll get them
on here later tonight!

Great to see the pics.!!!! More---anyone???


P.S. I also really love the out-door scenery, "Mc"--we didn't have any snow for Christmas this year!!!

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Okay here are the results of hubby's fun with his new camera, tonight!

The first is of our kitchen bay window:

Here's the same shot further back:

Then from the opposite side of the room, to the left of those views, the eat-in area:

There's a couple more shots he should have taken to get the "full picture", but I think
I'll leave him alone till another time--he's worn out from eating at the "Cheesecake Factory" tonight
after seeing "Night at the Museum" with some friends!! It was a silly movie but fun!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

where is the xmas HOSTA bric-a-braac??????

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Actually, I do have an artificial "hosta" in our bedroom at the foot of a trunk where a Christmas tree is sitting!
Let me see if it is viewable in the photo hubby took last night! Naw--not so well, and I don't know if it would count
as "bric-a-brac", anyhow!

Do you have any, ken?? :O)Where are your Christmas pics.? I think it's fun to see how we do other things,
like Christmas celebrating!


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tsbccowboy(Minnesota zone 4B)

Hey-J and McT,

Every photo here could be in a book.

Way to go on the photos and the decorating!


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