Catch Up - New Additions II

hostabffAugust 9, 2014

Here's a few more new additions blooming for the first time in my garden. New additions blooming for the first time in year two is like opening a wrapped gift ...

Mean Green (was on the wait list and was pleasantly surprised to receive it this year)

Heavenly Angel Ice - finally bloomed when I moved it, almost lost it because it was in too much shade

Greywoods Sunny Smiles

Greywoods Fashionista

Greywoods Road to Mecca

Catcher in the Eye (gift plant)

My Garden Shed - after four years of plastic hanging in the windows, it took a wedding in my yard this year to get me to install the windows. It looks so cute now.

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I want to live in your garden shed. We turned our garden shed into a temporary guest house to bunk a few people over a holiday weekend. Other than being bombarded by bugs, it was a decent accommodation.

Your additions look great. It looks like the Greywoods group really likes your location.

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Chris - you are too funny, however I get it. My dream shed would have a sitting area inside where I could entertain - however I only had room (and $$) for an 8 X 8 shed.

Greywoods intros grow well in my garden because Greywoods Farm is only about 20 minutes away from my home. A nice place to visit if you ever come to Northeast Massachusetts.

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All great new additions. Love Mean Green! What a nice color. Would love to add it too. Garden shot with the shed is very pretty.

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Maryl zone 7a

Beautiful mixture of forms in your garden. They say to see if you have "good bones" in your landscaping take a black and white picture of the garden. Yours would most certainly pass the test. On your daylilies I like the color of Mean Green. My favorite though is your picture of Road to Mecca. ......Maryl

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

well,I have to say MEAN GREEN is very pretty, like the color a lot.That one and CATCHER IN THE EYE are my favorite here. Nice looking shed.


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Which of the Greywoods intros do you like the most? Is the base color of Road to Mecca as starkly white as your pic?

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shive(6b TN)

All of the Greywoods intros look great! Your garden shed is charming!

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Mantis - Road to Mecca is a little more cream in person (still on the white side). My favorite Greywood that I own is Greywoods Cowgirl Cassanova. The one I love that I do not own is Greywoods Lips a Quiver

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Your shed is so pretty. I like the siding on it. My shed is 10X12, and I guess I could put an area in it, but it isn't even electrified. As for your flowers, I love Mean Green and Heavenly Angel Ice the best, but all are lovely.

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