Your Favorite Reds

maximus7116(MI)August 8, 2014

Time for your three favorite reds. I think this will be difficult limiting choices to three, so we'll do a separate category for burgundy/wine. I've come up with the following favorites:

WISPY RAYS, with big, bright and bold flowers:

RED SKELETONS is tall with strong scapes and good branching:

FEAR NOT had an outstanding year with the most quality blooms ever:

AARON BROWN got edged out of the competition here because, although I normally love the bloom, it had a very splotchy year here.

Please share your favorite reds.


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My Heart Belongs to Daddy had a magnificent year:

Clump shot after clump shat after...

Clown Parade:

Man of Sorrows:

tie with

Spider Man:

Red is my favorite color, so this was a struggle...Bear Claws, Flames over Africa, Hearts of Fire, Passion district, You listed Fear not...but Rowdy Red, Betty Ford, Photon Torpedo, Esprit de Corp, Devil's Eye....

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Having a little trouble with this because two of my favorites are listed as rose red but here it goes.

Cimarron Rose
Malaysian Marketplace
All American Chief

I do need to learn to post pictures.

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njmomma(z6 NJ)

Apache War Dance for late color

Dragon King did very well this year!

Best in Class did very well this year and is on rebloom now

Insider Trading does really well. Less blue than this pic.

Scarlet Orbit

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As in the case of yellows, I love all my reds. Boy, the purples will be extremely hard to choose ;)
Awesome reds, everybody!
To name my three faves:
Ruby Spider - great this year, mine and DH favorite
Fear Not
Forever Redeemed
Can't leave out Carnival in Brazil.

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Maryl zone 7a

Daylily red is not one of my favorite colors. I love the Crimson shades of red in roses, and by comparison most red daylilies have left me cold. However, I ran into one at a daylily show years ago that changed my mind. Santa's Little Helper by Trimmer. It's the closest to rose red I've found. I think it must be a unique shade of red for daylilies because I haven't seen any other reds to match it. Now I'm beginning to appreciate daylily red for itself, and the photos above are so pretty, but Santa's Little Helper was the first red that opened my eyes to the possiblities.......Maryl

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

well, I should be able to come up with a few reds.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

well, hope I can find them.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

and the third one.

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Not too many reds...
Uncle Bryan (not mine, but a beautiful red)

Fabulous Frieda

Rose Destiny

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Pics to my post above:

Forever Redeemed

Ruby Spider

Fear Not

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I would have to agree with you all here on your choices since many of the ones you posted I grow and enjoy...such as Ruby Spider, Wispy Rays, Apache War Dance, Dragon King, Forever Redeemed, etc. So I wanted to pick three that weren't shown already as my 3 favorites BUT I couldn't narrow it down to just 3. Absolutely NO WAY!

My most favorite red most definitely is MARIETTA WARRIOR. These are HUGE bodacious blooms of bing cherry red, very saturated. This blooms early and keeps going until early August. This one stops traffic since it's planted in the border by the road.

VESUVIAN, just absolutely the deepest, darkest red it doesn't look real

GLORY IN RED, really large blooms outlined in white

LIL' RED WAGON, scapes and buds galore, rich red color

My runners-up are Ruby Spider, Holly Dancer, Chicago Apache, Scarlet Pansy, Leonard Bernstein, Forsyth Vivacious, Acquire the Fire (pictured)....and many more.
I grow a lot of great reds!

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My favorite this year and last is CANDY APPLE VELVET (Kirchhoff-Schindler 2011). The blooms have a lovely, rich sheen to them, they hold up beautifully all day long (in this admittedly cooler-than-normal summer), the plant has an excellent scape. It's an ev that does perfectly well here, and this past winter's bitter cold temps didn't faze it at all. It's listed as an EM and it's still blooming away!


From Daylily World*.html?shop_param=cid%3D47%26aid%3D15%26

Another favorite is THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE (Bachman 09). A late that's tall and with an admirable scape. Big blooms, thick scape, absolutely no leaning. It's gotten under way but has plenty of bloom still to go -- on August 9! Bright red so the big yellow green throat stands out.

THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE: Blood Is the Life

POINT OF VIEW (S. Roberts 1992) supposed to be an EM, and it's still blooming now. Also, a rebloomer. Big blooms and bright, bold color, and I'm a sucker for those characteristics. But what I especially appreciate is that I have it in a too-shady, too-dry bed and, even though I neglect that area, it does so well. I can only imagine what it would do in full sun and a bed amended with compost and mushroom soil and with adequate moisture:

If this one had been in bloom today, I'd have made room for it on the list:

RUBIES IN THE SKY (Hanson 2007). It's a "sultry garnet crimson" according to the database. Yup, that sounds right.

Wait....If THIS one had been in bloom, I'd have made room for it!

REINDEER ANTLERS (Hensley 2007). Even though it's registered as a late and has always bloomed midseason for me. Blast

Sorry, but I must add:

MYSTIC PIZZA (Cochenour 2003; RED SUSPENDERS x RUBY SPIDER). You can definitely see the RUBY SPIDER in it; the blooms have that overall look. Big blooms (nine inches!), tall scapes, vigorous: it clumped up quickly. Doesn't seem very fazed by sun or heat. Pizza

Two more:
COMET TRAIL and ROCKET BLAST. Both from Niswonger (2001); looks like they're sibs. The pictures in the database fail to capture their glowing lit-from-within sheen. Trail Blast

Once again, I fail to follow the rules. ;)

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Why do I not grow Ruby Spider? It makes a lot of your lists and looks like a beauty.

Lynxe, your cheating ways have given me some beautiful reds, especially Rubies in the Sky and Mystic Pizza.

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Harper's Bazaar


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Celestialrose, How does Vesuvian hold up in the sun, does it get 36"? It is a beautiful deep, rich red. How does it perform for you?


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Brad KY(6b)

Lots of great reds posted! I hope there will be a pinkish-red category, and perhaps a red-orange one, as I decided to go for the more true reds and left out some nice ones. Red Grace is always perfect; Kent's Favorite Two has lots of blooms, lots of increase and puts on a great show. Red Volunteer is a great end of summer red, but I had to move it to a shadier spot as it fades otherwise. I had to leave out some other great reds: Red Skeletons, Hot Wheels, & Indy Phantom, & Impetuous Fire.

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There were two that I didn't know whether to put as red or orange. They are really somewhere between. Both are awesome.


Flying Trapeze

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It's hard to create a thread for every color, so thanks for posting your in-betweens, Edward.

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shive(6b TN)

CHEROKEE STAR was my best performing red this season and a nice clump too!

A LITTLE FIRE, SCARECROW is always a favorite. Since it was cooler, the edge was more often tan than the near white you see in this photo.

APACHE WAR DANCE blazed through the late season better than ever before. I really enjoyed it this summer, and I'm hoping it reblooms.


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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

Mine are Fear Not, Wispy Rays, Aaron Brown and

Atomic Inferno

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