favorite drought tolerant herbs

christiemoreen(z8 Seattle)July 25, 2005

I'm moving my rosemary, bay tree, sage, thyme, yarrow and oregano to their own garden. What other drought tolerant herbs would be good to include? (especially ornamentals). Thanks!

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Now, I know drought means something different to different people, but it is hard for me to picture someone in Seattle knowing what a drought is! :o)
You could grow a lot of the sages... of many types, some are more hydrophillic than others. Do you want edible or medicinal? Lavender is "drought tolerant". There are other colors of yarrow as well.... Wormwood is drought tolerant but gets rather large. Self heal would be drought tolerant for you, but it spreads... Then there is pennyroyal, which should do well there. If you want medicinal, I could list tons, but edible, you've got most that I'd think of.

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CA Kate

Ummm, in my humble opinion, Bay isn't as drought tolerant as some of the others mentioned.... maybe if it's roots go deeper.....

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It does okay.... it likes being crowded... I have a lantana volunteer in the same pot with the bay...the bay does better, but you know, bays don't wilt, so maybe I just am not paying as much attention....
Hot down there? :o) So glad I am in Sacramento, not Fresno or Redding.

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CA Kate

Hello, Heathen: I had a Bay totally die last year and I didn't even know it! The soil had just gotten too old, I think, and couldn't hold any moisture. And, yes, it has gotten a little too warm for a little too long here.

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christiemoreen(z8 Seattle)

Thanks for the responses. We're actually having a drought now, but I just meant herbs that don't need extra irrigation. Summers are pretty dry here, but winter and spring are wet, wet, wet...

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I think we took all your rain this year, which may be why you have the drought.

Epazote seems to be drought tolerant. It looks like a weed & has a pungent smell, though. Ornamental horseradish can take the heat, but it will need water.

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Garlic chives are a great as they burst in the spring when there is moisture and then go dormant through the drought.

Hyssop is another good one.

Ive heard the winter savory is a good option too.

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