More pics for those still interested

celeste(zone 4 NH)August 23, 2014

Because my season starts so late I still have tons of photos right when interest is waning.....but I will continue to post them if anyone is looking.



this clematis usually blooms in June but started late and is still going in August....what a strange year

DWARF SUNFLOWERS, I plant these for the goldfinches

RUFFLED APRICOT....this and South Seas are my most robust and best bloomers. This is still blooming after 8 weeks.

blooms are winding down.......

FUCHSIA DREAM, a few buds left

got this as a bonus with an order, large bloom

ROBIN'S TUITION has bloomed for 7 weeks. Color is more purple than you see here

NORTHERN FANCY, started late and still going


EL DESPERADO, still blooming and always dependable

last blooms on BERMA ABERCROMBIE

last blooms on OLD KING COLE

LAST LAMA blooms late

close-up of Last Lama

another late is BRIDGETON ELEGANCE

DRAGON'S EYE, starts mid-late and goes through August here


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shive(6b TN)

Ooh, I love that dreamy clematis arch with the dwarf sunflowers in back of it! Northern Fancy looks so pretty in your garden, and so does Old King Cole. The clump of Last Lama is impressive. Mine did not bloom this year. The border shots are nice eye candy too. I envy those nice rock walls on your beds. Thanks for sharing your photos. It's nice to see something blooming.


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I know, I know...I'm supposed to comment on the daylilies, but I keep coming back to the images showing the stone wall. Did you build it? How long is it? And how long did it take? We have a short stone wall behind a bed, but I want a long one like that, as you can probably tell. :)

The third picture after "blooms are winding down" shows, in the lower left, a pretty pale one with pink or lavender edge. Do you know what it is?

I should get BRIDGETON ELEGANCE. I have another ML of Apps's, BRIDGETON BISHOP. It's on its last bloom today. It's taller than BE by 4 inches (according to the registration info), and it's a little older. I like it a lot, and I think the two might look good together.

I like your purples, one of a few colors I'm trying to focus on these days, but the two I really want are LITTLE FLOCK and RUFFLED APRICOT.

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sherrygirl zone5

Keep posting picks! My yard doesnt have much blooming now so these current picks are fun to see. Wish i had the space you have ! Your gardens are lovely!


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Nancy zone 6

What a wonderful photo of the arbor & clematis. Imagine seeing clematis at this time of year. I have one clematis that did just finish blooming, but it is the small, bell shaped type, very pretty up close but not impressive like the large flowered types. Your garden looks so nice. So goldfinches like sunflowers? Maybe I need to plant a few next year for them. They are all over my black eyed susans & coneflowers, seems like there are more than ever this year. I was just looking up Moon N Y'all, this & one other photo is the only ones I've found of it. And I was just saying my El Desperado was not that impressive this year. It bloomed heavily for just a short time, it looked nice, just didn't last as long as usual. I love the look of Last Lama, very nice for a late. Robin's tuition looks really nice too.

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Maryl zone 7a

It's 102 degrees outside right now. Your garden is a breath of fresh air and I hope you will continue to post more pictures to remind me of why I garden. I tend to forget the reason during high summer in Oklahoma....As to daylilies I always like El Desparado. It's just such a nice looking daylily. Ruffled apricot looks good too. Great picture of your Clematis. I like the watering cans hanging off the trellis. Is that for show only or do you use them and this is just a handy/decorative place to stow them away when not in use?.......Maryl

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Brad KY(6b)

Lots of great pics!

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The clematis look fantastic. Two of mine are still going and have surprised the heck out of me for blooming this long. Love the clump shot of Last Lama. Mine didn't bloom this year, but I have a select seedling from it that has blown me away. Huge bloom, great scape, large watermark, and sets pod to pretty near any pollen I put on it. I bought Last Lama many years ago from a seller on the LA....I remember his add said "You want this plant". I'm planning on using it again next year in some of my crosses. Your garden looks fantastic.....please do keep posting pics.


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And the light blue clematis is? Last Lama is appealing, but are there more than a half dozen buds per scape? Your gardens look free of weeds.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

A great big THANK YOU to all who looked and commented. It's nice to know you all are still sticking around!
To answer questions.....

I have many raised beds, all built up with native granite rocks I collected. They are all free-form, nothing fancy, just what I stack up and then fill with wheelbarrow loads of purchased loam. I cannot plant directly into my soil here. My yard was all woods and once I took down the trees the roots remained as well as many rocks.....New Hampshire is called 'The Granite State' for a reason! I probably have about 10 raised beds and borders with these stacked rocks.,...and yes, I built them all myself. The bed you are asking about is too long to fit it all in the must be at least 25 feet lots of rocks!! I refuse to buy rocks, even though the landscaping rocks you buy are prettier and make a more professional-looking wall than these dug out of the It is bad enough that I have to buy soil.

The blue clematis is 'Perle d' Azur'.
The watering cans hanging on the trellis started out being functional but now they're just decorative. This summer we actually got some rain so I never used them.
Then someone commented that they liked them hanging there so I left them.
The pale daylily in the lower left in photo #8 is Cerulean Fringe.
Last Lama is unfortunately planted in a less than optimal spot in partial shade and I think the bud count would be more in full is almost all bloomed out now but it had at least 15 buds per scape.
Nancy, YES...goldfinches do enjoy eating the sunflower seeds fresh on the flower. They literally flock to my yard since I have way more sunflowers than pictured here. I also notice them on the coneflowers and liatris. Funniest thing I saw today was a chipmunk hanging off the sunflower head, stuffing his cheeks with seeds....haha.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

o I do hope you keepon posting pictures for a long time to come, yet as they are all just beautiful and really a treat now that I have only2 that is still blooming for a few more days, then Buttered popcorn will be reblooming for a few days, then it all be over till next spring.I do so injoy all your photos.You have someny different flowers,and I like all flowers. The nore, the merrier.I really love your LAST LAMA . its a beauty. course, all of them are,EL DESPERADO is especially beautiful.


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I love love love that clematis arch! Absolutely lovely garden spot. I have a purple clem that is still blooming, but not heavily.
Also love the pictures of the beds of course! From individual my faves are Northern Fancy and Bridgeton Elegance. Great pics of El Desperado and Dragon's Eye.

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My head is spinning at the thought of the effort and time involved in hauling and stacking all those rocks! If I wanted to, I could attempt something similar -- we have tons of rocks in the woods. But I tend to stay out of them, because we also have tons of deer, which means tons of deer ticks, unfortunately. Maybe in the winter....or not. :)

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Keep posting as long as you can. I will never get tired of seeing beautiful blooms - and it looks like you still have a lot to go! The clematis is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the picture and the name. Dragon's Eye is fantastic. I love the bright colors. Your garden beds are gorgeous.

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Nancy zone 6

Wow, you did that rock wall! I'm totally impressed, what a lot of work and I imagine it takes skill to get them placed right. I'm sure if I were trying to do that, it would be falling down as fast as I could put a rock in. I really like the look of your wall so much better than a formal stacked stone wall. I've wanted something similar for the front of our garden, but I don't have that kind of energy, or more important, ability.

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That rock wall is gorgeous. I love the bed shots. Didn't you do that wall 2 or 3 years ago? I remember thinking Sheesh! That's talent and fortitude. Old King Cole went to my daughter's house last year. It didn't bloom well enough here to keep its' place. I lover the clematis and the goldfinches deserve sunflowers, don't they?

Very pretty post, Celeste.

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alameda/zone 8

Wish my daylilies were "winding down" like yours! Really enjoy your lovely photos - it is so hot here in Texas, seeing that lush garden is wonderful. I too adore South Seas - have 2 new clumps of it. Your walls look very professional - would love to be able to go just dig rocks up out of my ground. I have some gardening friends who have gorgeous rockwork - and the sore backs that go with it! They pay a fortune for their rocks and would love to be able to get them on site. Your gardens are just beautiful - such a delight to see them! Thanks for sharing - Happy Labor Day, all!

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