Lots of sun on enclosed pool deck!

garcich1(9)July 10, 2014

Hi all! I'm a newbie at planting, but I just love my plants! My only problem is I'm not sure I'm properly caring for them:( I have a screen pool deck, that is about 30x40, but it gets full sun! I currently have potted plants on the deck--all of which I bought at Lowes & the tags said they were full sun...but on days that it is not raining, they look wilted. Is the Florida sun and the heat from the concrete too much for them? Should I build some little stands to put the pots on so that air can flow under the pots and so that they're not sitting directly on the cement? Or do you suggest a type of plant that will do fine in the heat/sun (they get sun up/sun down light, as the patio faces North to South with very little obstruction from East to West light. Thank you in advance for any help keeping my pool buddies happy and healthy!!!!!

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Potted plants dry out daily or at least by the second day here. You will have to attend to them regularly in this heat. (Make sure they aren't root-bound, too.) There is a product you can buy called Hydretain that you can add to the soil to prolong the watering frequency, I don't know who all carries it though. There are also potting soils with moisture retention pellets in them. But unfortunately, if you like potted plants they require constant attention for water.

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I have a lot of pots around and they do require watering daily as you know. But I find that the summer pots need to be somewhat shaded. As a newbie, you will find that plants at the box stores that say "full sun" doesnt' always apply to Florida!
I would suggest that you raise them up off the concrete - not only for air circulation, but to keep the mold under them at bay.
If you can find Patricia Crawfords book on container gardening, you will find it very useful
Good luck,

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Thank you both so much!!!!! I appreciate the help and will make sure I'm watering them daily or at least every other day! And I'll look into that hyretain & the book:)! Thank you both again!!!!

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