Spearmint Growth in 4 weeks after full prune

bedtimeJuly 23, 2013

I decided to cut my spearmint plant down to soil line in an attempt to force new and stronger growth. It seems to have worked. This is the picture taken 4 weeks ago:

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Amazing that it could grow this quickly. I'm going prune right down to the soil line and harvest it once temps lower to a consistant 13C, which will be in approx a 3-4 weeks. Then I'll bring the plant in and it will grow new leaves that are are accustomed to lower, indoor, light levels.

This is the plant 4 weeks later (today):

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Thats incredible! That spearmint is very robust and healthy for sure.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Give them water, they'll grow.

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Just an update for anyone interested:

It appears that the plant has not grown much from this latest picture. There have be changes though. The plant has went to seed on many of its stems. I have been pruning the seeded portions and using for my daily mint tea, as well as pruning the fading and dying foliage that often occurs in the shady areas of the plant.

The stems seem to be growing new stems, and the roots are continuing to grow. Amazing that the roots should be able to fill this entire container so fast!... The main reason why I haven't harvested is so that that plant can get as much energy from the sun as possible to grow the roots to fill the container before it's brought back in in about 5 days for the fall and winter season.

shane & seysonn,

thanx : )

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Wow! What a gorgeous plant! Thanks for sharing as I may have to do this to mine (currently indoors) since it's getting a bit too bushy.


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