Basil/Mint dropping leaves

lisaajbJuly 6, 2010

I left on vacation for 3 days, and when I returned my basil and mint that are in pots on my patio were losing their leaves. I have several other potted herbs on the pation between these two plants that are just fine. Before I left the mint was healthier than I have ever seen it, and my basil was green and full. In 3 days time one of my basil plants lost 95% of its leaves, and the remaining leaves are the small unopened leaves at the very top of each branch. I should add that these are globe basil plants with very small leaves and many branches. The other basil plant in the pot hasn't lost as many leaves, but has turned from clover green to yellowy. My mint lost about 50% of it's leaves. They were still on the mint plant when I came home, but were black. The remaining leaves have black edges.

I really want to use my basil this fall when my 15 tomato plants are ready to harvest. Should I leave the basil the way it is, pinch it back, or just start some new seeds now? I don't have any mint seeds. Is there a way to save my mint?

Thanks so much for your help!


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I don't think you can kill mint;
just cut it back & water it well.

If I wanted to use basil this autumn, I'd cut back the existing plants & water them well *and* start seeds.

You can always trade or give away extras.

I wish you the best.

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