What is the tree blooming in CF now?

akaj9(9 Central Florida)July 10, 2010

We have some great trees blooming yellow flowers all over in the Central Florida area. I thought at first Golden Rain tree, but it's not them. They have the ability to naturalize as I see them in pastures and in yards. Anyone know what they may be? The flowers seem to grow out from the ip of the branch if that helps. No picture...sorry

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bigpaulie1972(9B Melbourne FL)

Peltophorum pterocarpum, also called Yellow Flame tree or Yellow Poinciana. Has been a huge bloomer for the past few years that I've noticed.

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Well, you at least got the Common name correct. Peltophorum dubium is blooming now. P. pterocarpum or Copperpod will start shortly. The easiest way to tell them apart is to wait for the seeds. The Copperpod looks exactly like you'd think - bright, red, coppery-colored seed pods. Yellow Poinciana (no relation to the Royal or the Dwarf) has a gray/silver seed pod. Also, the new growth, before the bloom, is a copper-red color on the pterocarpum.

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bigpaulie1972(9B Melbourne FL)

Well there are alot of trees commonly called Copperpod. The ones blooming now near me have a green seedpod that slowly turns a rusty brown. It has anywhere from 5 to 8 seeds in each pod. Looks like a snow pea pod actually. The guy at Rockledge gardens told me it was Pterocarpum. I suppose it could be either. They look alot alike. Some people get them confused with Kolreuteria Bipinnate which is also called Copperpod. In my opinion Kolreutaria deserves it WAY more than the other two, with it's chinese-lantern shaped copper colored seeds pods.

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wow. I looked up a photo of both Peltophorums and now I'm going to have to walk down my street and see exactly what that huge yellow tree is that is blooming it's head off. I thought it was Golden Raintree so didn't bother. If it's either of these I'll bother.

BTW Wikipedia says that P.dubium's subfamily is Caesalpinioideae which is a relative to my Dwarf poinciana.

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akaj9(9 Central Florida)

Kolreutaria is the golden rain tree, which is listed as invasive here in Florida. They are beautiful trees, especially the seed pods...I agree. The the others I googled, yep that is the one...well one of them. I haven't been close enough to see the seed pods so I'll take your word on the P. dubium being the one bloming now. ck'd the invasive list...so far so good. It says it's not found in non disturbed areas, I guess Pastures don't count as undisturbed. I'll have to search for some at the nurseries....very nice tree! Thanks for the name I really appreciate the help

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bigpaulie1972(9B Melbourne FL)

One of the issues with Peltophorum is that they have very sporadic yearly flowering. The past few years has been great for them but they can flower very little, if at all,some years.

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I started a peltophorum from seed last year but transplanted the seedling too soon, leaving it to die in the horrible winter just for the sake of curiosity. Well, I deserved it. I'll try it again and let it develop a thicker trunk for my 9a zone, since my yellow tab seemed to do fine.

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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

In central FL Peltophorum dubium is the species seen. P. pterocarpum is more tender and better suited to south FL. bThey are blooming very heavily around Orlando now.

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chloe92us(10A Sarasota area)

We have a HUGE specimen in our backyard....probably 40 feet tall and 50 feet wide. GORGEOUS!!! But...it does has its drawbacks. Completely deciduous from December until April. And all those beautiful flowers drop like crazy. My "shade" garden underneath looks like it has yellow mulch! ;) But, I wouldn't replace it for the world. I can see it from a mile away coming over the bridge.

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chloe92us(10A Sarasota area)

The bees and butterflies LOVE the flowers!!!

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I love these trees, but they sure are messy.

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Only real pic I got was of this tree that my wife and I love in Leu Gardens.

I was mostly interested in tropical fruit and some butterfly/hummingbird flowers.

I came home with a Starfruit tree for $15 and a Sweet Almond bush for $10. My wife got a small gardenia for $8 and a blue flowering bush I've forgotten the name of.

I was absolutely amazed that Hopkins Nursery was selling 3 gallon peach trees for $10 and loquats for $5, but unfortunately I have those already or I would have snagged some in a heartbeat.

I was very tempted by some honeysuckle that smelled amazing, but I'm worried about how invasive it is, so need to do more research first.

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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

That is Yellow Trumpet Tree, Tabebuia umbellata, now known as Handroanthus umbellatus.

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Oops, actually meant to post that in the Leu Gardens thread.

We do love that tree though.

Too bad it only does that once a year.

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