WANTED: Have hostas to trade

timhensley_gwMay 5, 2007

Hello all! I have some plants to trade all of which are large multi-eyed divisions. I am looking for small and miniature hostas especially but will gladly trade for anything not on my list(not the list below, but my members list which has about 230 listed varieties). The ones below are ones that I know for sure are of tradeable size. I also have some single eyed division of streaks for trade for other streaks - Iron, Gate Supreme, Sea Prize, Stealth and Lakeside Babyface Streak.

I have Abba Dabba Do, Abby, Abiqua Moonbeam, Amber Tiara, Antioch, Black Hills, Big Daddy, Bold Edger, Bottomline, Bressingham Blue, Brim Cup, Candy Hearts, Christmas Tree, Crusader, Darwin's Standard, Diamond Tiara, Emerald Tiara Fan Dance, Fragrant Bouquet, Francee, Frances Williams, Fried Green Tomatoes, Geisha, Golden Sunburst, Green Llama, Hearts Content, Honeysong, Illicit Affair, Invincible, Iona, Iron Gate Delight, Janet, June, Krossa Regal, Lemon Lime, Midwest Magic, Mildred Seaver, Minuteman, montana Mountain Snow, Moonlight, Morheim, nakaiana, Paradigm, Paradise Joyce, Patriot, Pilgrim, Radiant Edger, Regal Splendor, Revolution, Rhapsody, Royal Flush, Sagae, Samurai, Sargeant Pepper, Sea Thunder, September Sun, Serendipity, Shade Fanfare, Striptease, Sugar and Cream, Tambourine, Thunderbolt, Time Tunnel, Tokudama Flavocircinalis, Twilight, undulata Albomarginata, ventricosa Aureomaculata, Waving Wind, Whirlwind, Wide Brim and Woolly Mammoth. Thanks and Happy Gardening! Tim

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lynnem(5 Ohio)

Hi Tim,

We traded last year, I think..

I'd be interested in June, Wooly Mammoth, Time Tunnel, and Royal Flush.

On your want list, I have: Emerald Necklace, and Ice Cream. I also have Wylde Green Cream to go along with Vanilla Cream. I'll email you to see if you're interested. My list isn't currently posted, but I can send it to you.

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salcorn(z5 IA)

I have a large collection, many of which are large enough to be split. Are there any particular varieties you are looking for? Or would you like me to email you my list?

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Hi Tim,
would love to trade, I have about a dozen that are not on your list, but will get back to you tomorrow for those that are tradeable.
Interested in Julie morss, paradise joyce, royal flush, fan dance, tamborine-I could go on &on


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Hi Tim I'd be interested in a trade. New to the trade system. I would like to start small. Many of my new hostas would be one eye. One eye is great for me , I have take one eye and every thing turns out fine. Please look at my list . I am in Minnesota and am anxiously waiting to see if eveyone comes up. Please take a look at my trade list and eail me. Vicki

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Hello, I tried to email you but there's no email coming up when I click on your name. Please email me I would like to set up a trade if possible.
Thanks! Tim

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You have mail!

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menaji(17 Bay Area, CA)

Hi Tim,
Would you be interested in trading for Agapanthus africanus? I would love some of your hostas and I have tons of Agapanthus. I could send as many as you'd like.
Thank you,

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