I have a brand new rebloom scape!

brittie(Houston 9a)August 30, 2014

Everything's been done for a while now, but I think the recent rains have caused some rebloom to get started. There are actually two plants that have put up new scapes. I wish I could tell you which plants these are, but they aren't labeled.

Most of my labels were lost during the move to our new house last fall. I didn't post any pretties on the forum this year, because I didn't feel like I could identify them with confidence. :/ SOME of them I do recognize easily, but others... not so much.

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If I was you, I think I would cut that scape and let the plant conserve energy.

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brittie(Houston 9a)

Oh really? I hadn't thought of that since there are still several months of the growing season left. Thanks!

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In the OP's zone, there's a lot of prime growing time left, and those new leaves will be feeding energy to the plant all the rest of the season.

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Just from my experience growing daylilies in Houston for over a decade. July thru October is a very tough time for daylilies there. Over stressed plants will rot on you. Your plant looks like it is stressed now from the yellowing leaves or you may have daylily rust, which may also stress the plant. Do as you wish though.
ltilton: not familar with OP's zone. Is that Old People's zone? Daylilies grow in Houston (and typically) in spring and fall, not winter and summer.

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brittie(Houston 9a)

I did have a handful of daylilies bloom into September last year, but I may snip this little scape off then, just in case. There is another that is about to open, and that plant is more robust looking. Thanks!

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