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avidgardener25July 15, 2012

How do I know if it is a carrot or parsley sprout?

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With more experience, you'll learn to recognize the difference. I'd say it's a carrot, whose cotyledon leaves are long and narrow like your sprout's.

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Ok thanks for the confirmation. Although, I am disappointed that I don't have a parsley haha.

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Parsley will resprout for you if you purchase a plant & let it go to seed in the 2nd year. It's hardy through winter here.

Or if you want to grow from seed you can soak them in soapy water overnight, drain & sprinkle on top of potting soil. Cover flat with plastic wrap & put on top of your refrigerator. Take a peek every day & remove the plastic when sprouted. I usually wait another day before putting outside in a protected area that gets part sun. For me that is on top of our hot tub cover on the back porch visible from the kitchen sink window. I gradually expose them to more sunlight & keep them moist. Then I transplant to the garden. Done that way I sprinkled about 3 seeds per module and had a full flat. When transplanting when young it was easy to separate the seedlings within each module if I desired, but in some cases I just snipped the smallest one with my fingernail when transplanting. When watering in the transplants the roots make contact again with soil & no problems.

Now that I've done this 2 years in a row I have 1 & 2 year old plants that reseed for me in 2nd year, so always have fresh parsley in the garden. Sometimes it's a forest of parsley. I let Red Russian Kale do the same thing, so I always have plenty of greens.

Self sown parsley in the middle of this 4x11 foot bed behind the red cabbage. I moved some seedlings to the edges to spread them out a bit. Then quit as 100s of seedlings weren't necessary to move. The closer they are together the smaller the stems and stay tender, so have some of both -- larger plants on edges of bed & smaller in the middle of bed.
In spring I planted lettuces, broccoli, & red cabbage right through the parsley, which worked as living mulch. The calendula is also either self sown or I moved them from the path back into the bed. I use it as poor man's saffron.

Hope that helps,

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