2014 Daylilies vs My Puppy

Brittie - La Porte, TX 9aAugust 30, 2014

I got a new puppy in June this year, right before daylily season started. Her name is Winnie, but we have nicknamed her Chupacabra (we even wrote Bearded Chupacabra on the breed entry when taking her to the vet, lol).

This is a bit of a silly post. :)

Introducing The Chupacabra!

Here she is on her first adventure outside. She looks like a wet rat. :)

She tried to harass the cat... and that didn't go well.

What to do now?

Eat the flowers of course!

The roses were good, but then she saw the daylilies...

No, Winnie

Still No

Not even now


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roxanna(z5b MA)

too funny! especially the last photo, which had me really chuckling. what an expression...

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shive(6b TN)

Very cute! Winnie has good taste in flowers. Maybe you should change her name to Lily.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

haha, The first daylily it ate at my house, the pup would have to go and not return.I treasure each and every one of my daylilies.


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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

Oh trust me, there was a lot of "no, Winnie!" being said while they were blooming. Glad the pics gave y'all a laugh. :)

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sherrygirl zone5

Love Winnie! Gotta teach those puppies to respect the daylilies! LOL. I have 5 of my own. They had to learn too!


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If I had that puppy everyone would call me Han Solo. lol

I share your pain. My almost 5 months old golden retriever ruined my privet hedge propagation. They all looked like neat fetching sticks. Now I have to revert to english laurel because it's deer proof. Hopefully that means dog proof. Fingers crossed.



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Winnie's facial expressions are priceless. lol She's very cute. Thanks for sharing!


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What are the names of the daylilies featured?

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Forget the names of the daylilies - what I need to know is, what the heck breed of dog is that? ;)

"Winnie's facial expressions are priceless"

Gosh, yes. I've never seen a dog with that many expressions, all so human-seeming, too.

Off the charts on the Cuteness Scale!

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Looked at this again. Over the top on the way too cute scale. Not a whole lot that makes me smile these days. Ok ...... a number of the stray kitten shots have made me smile. Guess I'm a sucker for puppies and kittens.

At first I thought Winnie looked like a Wheaten Terrier mix. but they don't have blue eyes. So what is the breed of your pup? Inquiring minds......?


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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

Winnie is adorable! She sure looks enthralled with the daylilies :o)

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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

Thank you for the compliments! As I write this, she's chewing up my grocery list. When I looked over to see what she was up to, she looked back with the paper hanging out of her mouth. She IS very expressive. She doesn't bark much, but those eyes say everything. I especially like the pictures of her looking at the orange daylily above. She was completely locked on!

I WANT to say (no labels) that the daylilies are Pumpkin Kid, Johnny Cash, Joan Senior and Fiesta Skirt, but take that with a grain of salt.

I actually don't know what Winnie is! She was a rescue. Even the vet didn't know (back in May, when she looked more like a gremlin). He thought that by the time she comes in to get spayed, it would be more obvious.

Here she is with a rose petal in her mouth.

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Nancy zone 6

What breed, why I think she looks like the perfect example of a purebred chupacabra. The ability to manipulate your mine with her expressions is a dead giveaway. What an absolutely adorable puppy!

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Maryl zone 7a

Chupa and her tale of garden exploration was so adorable. Those eyes will let her get away with anything. I just brought my DH in to look at your pictures. We are cat people who had a "cute puppy" attack many years ago. We were lucky enough to have our "puppy" in our lives for 11 years until cancer took her. Your pictures brought back all the trials and tribulations of having a garden and a small puppy running amuck in it (a new experience for we cat people). But as with you, one look in those eyes and all was always forgiven.....May your journey together be a long and loving one......Maryl

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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

Thank you so much Maryl. We just lost our dog Sam last August after having her by our side for 14 years. Winnie can't possibly replace her, but I feel that Sam pushed us in her direction, as we dropped by the shelter on a whim. Our other dog Charlie had been so lonely on his own. He's perked right up after bringing Winnie into our lives, and pretty much adopted her. We say all the time, "he's her mama."

p.s. Can you tell this chair belongs to charlie? lol. He's been sleeping in it for almost seven years.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Oh my goodness! What an absolutely adorable puppy! She actually has a very "intelligent" look about her. She'll surely be fully trained in your garden in no time! Love that last pic with Charlie and how they're already best buds.

When I first saw the pictures she reminded me of a wirehaired pointing griffon, maybe mixed with a little bit of lab? Don't know why that just struck me when I saw her. I wonder if her hair is going to get a bit longer?

I hope you continue to post pics of her (and Charlie!). I just got back into collecting daylilies again so have been lurking here quite a bit drooling over everyone's pictures.

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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

Thyme2dig, I googled pictures of that breed last night, and wow that does resemble Winnie, especially in the face. We thought she was a lab mix when we bought her, mostly because at the time she seemed pretty short haired. I guess you never know what you can find at a shelter. Funny though, we originally were going to look at the cats.

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Thanks for the wonderful introduction to your puppy and, yes, the first photo of him with the orange daylily made my day.

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That is a beautiful dog, and the post was a real day-brightener. I really liked all the photos with daylilies. Thanks for a fun one.

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Oh my that made my day. Beyond adorable and the wonderful memories it stirred up from when my guys were young. Thank You!

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