Second year failing at container oregano

ania_caJuly 8, 2009

This is the plant in question though it looked a lot better a couple of weeks ago when I took this picture. It is turning brown and drying up. I have another greek oregano in a pot and it seems to be doing fine. I'm not sure what variety this is. But I had the same variety last year and the same thing happened.

It gets enough water and has drainage and the frog is a self watering spike so it dosen't dry out too much either.

Within a few days, half the plant dried up and died.

Any ideas?


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francescod(6b/7a VA)

Try letting the plants get a little drier between waterings. Sounds like the plant is getting over watered and/or getting attacked by moisture loving fungus. Don't use lots of nitrogen fertilizer as this can cause weak, disease-prone growth. Use new soil and sterilize this pot before trying again.

If this is in the shade, try giving it more sun. The plant looks pretty healthy in the picture though and doesn't seem sun-starved.

F. DeBaggio

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Thank you for your reply. That gives a good clue as to what's going on. A week ago, we had a really hot day and my zucchini plants wilted and lost some leaves due to underwatering. I've been really trying hard, possibly too hard, to keep everything watered since. I will back off on the watering. I'm sure the soil has not dried in the pot for a week. Since the zuc had some dried up leaves from underwatering and the oregano had a few of the same, I started watering it more as well and that's when it really went downhill. I have not fertilized it.


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Many herbs and oregano is one of them come from dryer climates.

FYI on growing plants many will wilt during the day drawing sap back into the roots. So on a hot day it is not unusual for plants to wilt during the day. Check plants the next morning to see if they are still wilted then water. Although I have been told I am wrong when I have watered during the heat of the day I believe I have cooked the roots on some shallow rooted plants. Better to water either in the evening or if a mildew prone plant early morning.

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It died. I think it just couldn't recover from my over watering. Now my other container orgegano is doing the same at a much slower rate. It seems to die off where I cut it, but for the most part still holding on with more infrequent waterings. My in ground oregano is doing great. It has to be a drainage issue. Maybe I'll just keep my oregano in the ground and try something else in those pots.

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greenpassion(z4-z5 VT)

Not exactly on topic, but last year I had an ornamental oragano potted on my deck. It was beautiful-dark purple flowers with lighter shades in it too. I harvested the seeds and planted them this spring in pots. Something other than what I planted came up. What's wrong?

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Greenpassion would be better to start your own post but some ornamental oregano's seedlings do not look like the parents. Even the parents of some do not look like the same plant when they come up in the spring. Wait and see your plants may not look like their parents until the second year.

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