Mango's, - a glut or famine ahead ?

jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)July 9, 2014

Was just bragging to myself recently about my abundant harvest of luscious-looking mango's from my two producing 4 year old mango trees,..a Glenn and a Vallencia Pride. The 3rd tree, a Kent, - same age, has taken this year off, but was happy just the same as the other two had about 40 ripening mangos on each, their best year so far and more than enough for me and a few friends.

One of those friends just visited from the Upper Keys, and being a mango-maniac like me, we scoured this area of SW Florida to see what the other, much more mature trees we were familiar with, were doing this year. To our amazement, they were all barren, - about 30 trees in all ! 98 % of the trees had not even one solitary mango,..the other 2 % had just a half dozen at most.

Wow, in my 10 years of living here ( just south of Venice & west of Pt Charlotte ), I have never seen a drought like this ! Then on last Monday evening's Fox News at 10 PM, they did a segment on the sudden low yield of mango's this season in all of Florida ! They featured the owner of a large mango provider on Pine Island who had to tell all her customers " very few mango's available this year ! "

So am wondering if there is any consensus of mango farmers out there who may have more to contribute to this topic. It sure took me by surprise. Just hope the TV report was overly pessimistic. How are these trees doing in your area ?

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ibarbidahl(9 (tampa-ish))

Glut here! While my mango tree dies this past year very suddenly (Potted 4 years old) the ones I pass daily are loaded to the hilt. One is about 40 ft tall and the other was planted in 2011 as a 5' tree. They keep it dwarfed to 6'. They have had to prop up every limb due to the weight.

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I've attached an article from NBC that sort of explains it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mango Shortage

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Just moved into a house in Venice with a large mature mango tree. Was looking forward to the fruit, a couple of the neighbors raved about it. The tree is completely bare this year. One woman said it seems to fruit only every 5 years.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I live in Central FL (highlands county) and we had more cold that South FL, so my trees that were mature enough did fruit...though one of my Cogshall had anthracnose due to the wet, humid winter so most of the fruits are not good on that tree.

Ritaweeds, thanks for that article...I'm guessing they had the same issue this year than when that article was written ( July 2013). Warm, wet and humid winters plays havoc on the bloom set and fruit set, lots of fungus and anthracnose...

My small Keitt however has about 25...not bad for its size. My other Cogshall mango tree fruited a normal crop...except my Glenn which only bloomed on 1/3 of the tree and the rest flushed new growths.

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My old Hayden produced plenty of fruit this year.

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Did you spray??

Mine lost all the buds to fungus. The buds turned black. Not one fruit. A family member lives on one of the Keys and has some very large trees (80ft), full of fruit. Can't reach any, have to wait for them to fall.

I want to avoid the black buds next year.


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I have never had to do anything to this Haden and it fruits really good each year. It just gets water and fertilizer with the rest of the garden. The Hadens may not be a sweet as the others though and a little more stringy. It must be 15 years old now. We do cut it back every other year or so to keep it smaller.

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

Glad to hear that for most of you with a few trees in your backyards, it's just another season, - am enthused no end ! I've also heard that the MangoMania festival on Pine Island will still occur despite a severe shortage of fruits for sale, good for them.

echobelly : I've heard of that happening before in various places,..but every five ( 5 ) years ? YIKES ! I remember my 1st visit to the Philippines and discovering that all the mango trees there fruited every other year.
Sure glad that's not the case here ! lol

puglvr1 : Your tenacity is to be admired, if we struggle this far south, can only imagine what youse guys have to face.

Jane : Yes I sprayed copper sulfate on all my trees ( including the three 3' - 6' babies with no fruit ),..actually sprayed THREE times !!!
But as I said, my trees are doing fine, - it's just that the dozens of other mature trees in this area of SW Florida, ( some to 40 ' - 50 ' ). that I've surveyed are barren, - no mango's to be seen !
A first observation for me in the 10 years I've lived here,..feel so thankful that in the middle of this local mango famine, I have 2 trees having their best fruiting year ever !

Thanks, appreciate all the valuable input.

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keiki(10 FL)

Its just a bad year for them down here not a famine. Next year will probably be bumper crop.

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whgille(FL 9b)

For all the mango lovers

The International mango festival at the Fairchild gardens was outstanding! so many varieties, flavors. And it was crowded, a lot of fruit lovers out there.:)


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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

OK, used the wrong adjective, - should have described the current situation hereabouts as " a shortage " of ripening mango's compared to our usual magnificent yield. ( smile )
Am sure next year we will be back to normal.

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