Sage Help please

vinsoneJuly 21, 2014

My Neighbour need to thin out her sage patch so she gave me 3 plants that she had dug up to transplant. i am not sure what kind of sage it is the only reason i know it is sage is because that is what it smells like. it had kind of small leaves and has purple flowers on it. anyway i read some where that if sage is in to much shade it just flops over which is what these bushes look like. can i prune or some thing to get them to stand up again or some thing like that? this will be my first time with sage so any info is good.
I have transplanted them to a place where they will get well over 6 hours of sun every day.will this help them stand back up?
as i said any info would be great.

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If the sage is flopping over it's probably from transplant shock. Make sure it has enough water until it regains strength. You might also want to provide it some shade for a week or two. Probably best not to prune just yet.

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CA Kate

You need to ask your neighbor if this is culinary Sage or a border Salvia, many of which aren't edible but still called Sage.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

If you post a picture we can tell you if it's culinary or not.

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ok thatnk you i will get a picture of it tomorrow and post it.
my neighbor doesnt know what it is, it was already planted when she moved in. the only way we know it is sage is cause that is what it smells like.

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