mint flowering?

mommie_roseJuly 5, 2007

This is my first year growing spearmint. I got it as a transplant. I don't know what to do now that I've noticed the flowering. Should I pinch off the flowering parts? Should I harvest the plant before it gets bitter or something? Help!

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Cut off the flowers if you think it might self-seed (which it will do readily!), but otherwise ignore them. Of course, you can always cut them off and eat them.

The flowers will not affect the health or flavour of the plant at all.

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Self-seed? Can you explain what that means and why it's a problem? Thanks!

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Thank you very much. I was so worried! As my mint is in a container, I think I will cut off the flowers. Can the flowers be used the same way as the leaves, like in a tea?

Self-seeding means that the seeds come off the flowers and plant themselves nearby, thus creating more plants. As mint is known for spreading, sometimes a person may not want more mint.

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Thanks. I thought that was probably it, but I still have much to learn :)

Good luck with your mint.

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