Lemon Verbena

kathyp(z9 CA)July 6, 2009

I have two huge lemon verbena plants. I would like to make some jelly, syrups, etc. I have a LOT of this stuff! each plant is about 6ftx6ft. Has anyone made a SAVORY jelly/syrup out of this? I'd like to use it as a marinade or basting sauce for meats, chicken, etc, but don't have any idea as to how to go about this other than making a jelly and experimenting, which I can't afford to do. ( The cost of the other ingredients).

Does anyone have any suggestions, recipes, etc that I might use?

Thanks in advance,


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Sorry, I have mainly sweet recipes for lemon verbena (there are lots out there in WWW-land), however you can use lemon verbena in almost any dish which requires a lemon flavour - soups, casseroles, marinades etc.

Try making a white sauce using milk which has been steeped with lemon verbena leaves - nice with fish or vegetables or corned beef or chicken.

A lot of people don't know that lemon verbena leaves can be cooked just like spinach!

Lemon Butter:
125g butter
4 tablespoons finely chopped lemon balm, or lemon thyme or lemongrass or lemon verbena

Mix all together. Goes well with fish or chicken. I like it on a steak!

Try adding some lemon verbena leaves to the water when poaching fish.

Warning: Prolonged use or large internal doses of lemon verbena can cause gastric irritation.

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I made a bunch of herbal vinegars last summer. My favorite was the lemon verbena and thyme combination. It makes a wonderful vinaigrette to use on greens topped with salmon or shrimp. But I don't have any other non-sweet recipes. I love lemon verbena and wish it could survive my winters. I have to start over every year.


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karen_b(6a s.c. PA)

Jennie would you mind sharing your recipes?

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I did have a thought when reading the original post. If the trunks of the plants are not woody you may not have the plants you think you have. This thought came when you said they were plants and not small bushy trees.

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kathyp(z9 CA)

No, they are definitely Lemon Verbena. Plants, small bushy trees, I didn't realize it mattered. They do have woody stems, but given the style of growth, I would call them very large plants.

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How can you make syrup from lemon verbena? It has no sugar in it. But maybe you can enhance the flavor of syrup with is. But then you would not need a whole lot of it.

How about using STEVA, to sweeten your syrups without the calories? And add sassafras leaves to thicken your syrups.

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francescod(6b/7a VA)

Use the leaves to flavor a simple syrup. You can use many herbs this way.

F. DeBaggio

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Sure. That is what I said too.
They flavor some syrups with fenugreek.

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