Green larvae all over garden

Morkie6July 11, 2013

Hello there. So, I planted calendulas for salves and salads and because they are very pretty. Well, they were growing at a fine rate and started producing flowers, but then I noticed the holes. Of course, the first thing I did was check underneath the leaves. What I saw was hundreds of tiny green caterpillar looking bugs nibbling away! At first it was all right. I picked them off and started spraying the leaves with diluted dish washer detergent and I had no more troubles. Occasionally I'd find one or two on a dill plant or a bush bean, but they never many. I went on a month long vacation, leaving my garden in the hands of my trusted neighbor and I told her to spray the calendulas. Well about 3 weeks into it she said that tiny green caterpillars tore apart my cucumbers, cilantro, an Lemonbalm! I can't possibly spray them all...any ideas on ways to deal with these with no harmful pesticides or gruesome caterpillar murder? Perhaps plants that repel them? I'd really appreciate the help.

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I'd spray with BT.

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