When does lavendar bloom?

gborosteveJuly 28, 2006

My lavendar is thriving. I must have over 100 long, beautiful spikes of it. When does it normally bloom? I can't wait!

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granite(z6 NC)

June, and again at the middle of August for the intermedia and most of the English cultivars.

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I guess I'm waiting on August then. Thanks for the info. They were planted as seedlings in late April. They've grown quite big and healthy looking. And smell wonderful, even without their blooms. It's one of the plants I cannot resist running my fingers through when I'm in the garden. That and rosemary.

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In warmer areas, lavender will begin flowering in early spring. The cooler the area, the later it will be, and the shorter the flowering time. First-year plants don't usually flower at all, and sometimes it can take 2-3 years or more. Much depends on your climate.

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Yup...lavender usually blooms the first year here... but I think it's because of our heat. I think the 111º/44ºc heat stunted this new dwarf lavender I got... but it's hard to tell.... it's a dwarf. :D

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Well, if it's heat that it needs, then I've definitely got that going for me. 95-99 here and pretty much constant. Hope mine blooms first year like yours heathen1. If not, I'm still enjoying the foliage and smell. Mmmmmmmmm. Three things I can't resist the smell of in the garden (and probably more if I thought about it) are lavendar, rosemary and the sweet, sweet lemony smell of fresh basil.

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Lavender will bloom the first year, especially if the temperatures are up. Also just a little bit of occassional stress, like allowing to wilt slightly, speeds up this process. Here in Florida I get blooms on plants that are still babies ( 4" +/- ). Another key is the soil moisture. Keep on the dry side.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Herb Garden

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