Whadja get in the 2009 Hosta Secret Swap?

daisy_me(Z6b IL)June 3, 2009

Just wanted to start a thread for our new arrivals! :-)

I know at least 1 box has already been shipped...

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catbirdsue(z6 WV)

Fruit! I can't belive I missed this.


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Wow! I received a beautiful h. Fascination today. Simply gorgeous! And some pachysandra Green Sheen. Chris, thank you so much. You did an excellent job of packing.
They look so fresh.
And thanks to Daisy_Me for hosting.

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daisy_me(Z6b IL)

And thank you, Woodthrush, for the box I received yesterday!

In it was Paul's Glory, Blue Angel, Stiletto, and Sedum Vera Jameson! I've really been wanting to replace the Paul's Glory I lost so this was much appreciated. And I love the mini's--Stiletto will be a great addition to one of my mini pots.

Thanks again!

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Package went out today. . . hope I sent hostas my secret trade can use.


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sent mine out yesterday.Brenda

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My goodie box headed NORTH of NC on Monday. Hope they are received very soon. plantbug

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My large package arrived two days ago with 4 great hostas packed neatly inside. It's like Christmas in June. Thanks Tim for Janet,Radiant Edger, Iron Gate Delight,& my favorite Bottom Line. I had none of these and all seem to be ok after a couple of days. Thanks Tim ( The King Of Hostas) Hensley for the great hostas. Thankyou Daisy me for hosting the swap.

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I just got home from work and there was a hosta box from Alexa on my steps. Hooray!! She sent me 6 beautiful plants. Candy Dish, Austin Dickenson, Cry Baby, Little Wonder, Wylde Green Cream and OTome no ka. They are having a drink right now and I can't wait to plant them. Nice Plants with great roots! Thank you So Much Alexa for the Hostas. Also I liked the idea of the wet newspaper around the roots instead of papertowels, they were still nice and wet when they arrived. I think I will do this next time I send plants. I love them all. And thanks again to Kelli for hosting the swap. I am off to look these up on the Hosta Library Site. Happy Planting!!
I hope everyone is getting their boxes!


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My box came from NC, I got couple hostas from my want list :) thank you very much Plantbug.
I got Alex Summer, City Lights, Little Doll and black cohost/cimicifuga and Green Dragon (I'm not familiar with this one), they are all very nice plants, thanks again.
and thanks to Kelli for hosting the swap.

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bernergarden(Ohio Zone 6)

I received my goodie box today! Thank you so much Jane H.

Included in it were:
Blue Boy
Gold Standard
Allan P. McConnell
Ginko Craig
and a few Lily of the Valley

I am heading outside to plant them right now!

Daniel in Ohio

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It's here! And I am doing the Happy Hosta AND Heucherella dance! I got my package from Steg and found all new ones for my garden! Included are:

Inaho - which is going to be stellar
Twist of Lime - what a cutie patootie that little one is! I love the little guys
Cherry Berry - going to keep this one potted. The last one I tried didn;t like my clay soil

And Steg even included a Heucherella Stoplight to brighten up my little corner of the world!

Wooo hooooo! Thanks so very much for the great goodies!


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Hey Cheryl!

I'm glad you like them. I will admit, you are being very kind by saying they had "nice" roots. I have had a enlightening experience in the last 12 months when it comes to growing hostas in heavy clay soil. Last year we had pretty serious drought conditions here in eastern PA and even when rain was predicted (and I woudl moisten the soil with a pre-water) the rain never came. As a result, a lot of the hostas I dug to send had severely dessicated roots since I seemed to have underestimated the water requirements for them in this soil. The new root growth of an inch or so is pretty nice and I think it is the result of all the rain we have had this spring. I am so sorry that a couple of them were a little weak looking, but they are hostas and they should pull through.

Also, I sent Austin Dickenson with a purpose in mind... I think I remember that you got Emily Dickenson not too long ago - I thought it might be fun for you to have them both.

Glad you like them and I hope they all thrive for you!


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Thanks so much for the wonderful hostas and other goodies. What an honor to get plants from the hostess!
I got Choo Choo Train (one I almost got the last time I was at the nursery- a real winner) and Fried Bananas (like those fragrant ones!) I also got some Mrs. Moon Pulmonaria and some Sweet Woodruff- both great for the shade!
Thanks so much for not only hosting, but for your generous gift!

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OMG! I am sooooooo blonde sometimes! First I posted my "Thank You' on the wrong forum, now I realized I posted the wrong nickname! Hopefully Steph98 will understand and forgive me! My thank you SHOULD read Steph98 not Steg!

Aye yi yi! I sometimes even worry myself.....


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lol, Alexa, I get the same feeling sometimes!

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Flowergazer (Brenda) was extremely generous with the secret swap. Limey Lisa, Old Faithful,Lakeside Little Gem, Wheaton Blue, Everlasting Love, and Lakeside Looking Glass. Thanks for the wonderful box of goodies and also for the trade that we did. All the plants arrived in great condition. Thanks for organizing this Kelli! Tim

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maozamom NE Ohio

I received Diamond Tiara, Pacific Blue Edger, Lemon Frost, Hadspen Samphire, and Twilight Time today from mjjones453/ Mary. These were multi-eyed plants and it was like getting a garden in a box. Thank you Mary for your generosity. My grandchildren are going to help me plant them tomorrow. We find the hosta from "real" gardens the most special.


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WOWSERS....having a rummage sale this week and almost forgot to go to the post office...

Dan--bernergarden sent me 3 multi-eyed WONDERFUL hostas i did NOT have....LOL...

I received (and they are now getting a cool drink) Cutting Edge,,,Lakeside Shoremaster,,,and Lakeside Dragonfly...

thank you,,,Thank You,,,,THANK YOU Dan...you did a fine job picking and packaging was excellent also...

also another BIG THANK YOU to Kelli for arranging this trade...


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Mao, glad that you like them, I wish I could plant today, to much rain. I just got a load of mulch, but will have to wait until the rain stops. Mary

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pandora(Z5 OH)

Alexa, I can really relate. Last year in a secret trade I compared lists a lot and made a final decision, dug all the plants and put in water to soak.
Then went inside to make labels. Sent the package off next day. The day after that I realized I put the wrong name on the label. DUH!!!

I had to wait until the tradee posted and then apologize for my goof up. She probably never trusted that hosta & name.
I was so proud that I had ordered early from Hallson's & I knew it was true to name and thrilled it was big enough to share.
I don't believe me sometimes. lol.

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pandora(Z5 OH)

Just tracked package to my tradee and it was deliver today.
Someone has a box waiting for them. :)

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pandora(Z5 OH)

My package came from KY, but I can't find the nickname.

They were all gorgeous plants and wrapped so well. How did you ever get them in that box? LOL
I am thrilled. All 3 are new to me.
Darwin Standard - nice colors, tetraploid (hear that slugs)
Fried Bananas - heard it is fragrant Ulala
Stained Glass - a classic everyone raves about

Her grandfather (my new best friend) helped select and pack my new plants.
Thank you so much SS !
Thanks to Daisy_me for organizing this.

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OMG - Pandora, thank you so much for the wonderful hostas. Got home late after work and saw the box.

Pandora sent me huge divisions from
Dick Ward
Komodo Dragon

Pandora also included a nice note describing these hostas in her garden. These three were on my "want" list so I'm so excited about getting them.

Thank you again Pandora and thanks to Daisy me for organizing this trade this year!

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Thank you maidofshade for the lovely hostas! I'm sorry I'm posting a few days late but I've been a bit busy with the end of school (I'm a retired teacher still teaching half time) and with my grandson's 8th grade graduation. I got a lovely note with descriptions and

Birchwood Parky's Gold
Abiquia Moonbeam
Krossa Regal

All of which are new to me. Thank you again!


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wildflower59(z7 va)

OMGOSH!!!!!!! My secret trader was awesome to me! She took the time to visit my site and saw how much I love yellow hosta. She sent me kiwi sunshine, jane ward, orange marmalade, ooh la la, and gypsy rose!!!! She also sent me a favorite perennial to grow with my hosta. I was so excited to recieve a box that was full of great surprises! Thank you very much "Mareas"!!!!!

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pandora(Z5 OH)

annzn5, I was so happy that I had hostas on your wish list.
The leaves might come up a little smaller next year, but that is normal. Just give them a couple years and they will be large again.

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Wild, you are very welcome! I'm so glad those hopeful guesses are now "great surprises"! *grin*
Hope they settle into your hosta paradise quickly. Marea

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gregory2327(z5 NH)

I got my Hostas today - thank you Annzn5!!!!!
Ann was gracious enough to send me three beautiful Hostas that I really wanted; Earth Angel, Sagae, Blue Umbrella's.
Ann also sent three tall metal tags for me to use because she somehow had a preminition that I don't mark plants very well!
Thank you Ann.

My package is going out west today (west of NH is pretty relative)!

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Thank you so much Glendolyn for the hostas - I received:

Darwin's Standard
Fried Bananas (almost bought this one earlier this year, but put it back).

And a wild geranium.

Nice, healthy plants.

Thanks to Daisy_Me for all of the work you put into this.


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Hi Glendolyn
Glad I Picked out something you didn't already have. I was getting a little worried when I didn't see a post, but I realize sometimes life just gets in the way! Enjoy the Hostas!

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Gregory2327 - I'm glad I was able to help you with your wish list. Best of luck with these "biggies".


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Today a package arrived from my secret hosta swapper, grdnnkd, also known as Brian. I was a a-twitter as I opened it. Inside I found three hostas which I did not have and was thrilled to receive. All were packed and rolled perfectly and were in excellent condition. He also included an information sheet with info about each hosta. That was really going the extra mile if you ask me.

Brian thank you so much for:

Queen of the SEas
Lakeside Zinger
Copa Cabana

I looked up photos of the two I didn't know very well, Lakeside Zinger, and Copa Cabana at the Hosta Library and they're perfect for my garden. And I've been wanting Queen of the Seas for the longest time. I'm overjoyed with my package and can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness in choosing just the right hostas for me.

I hope you receive hostas that you love too.

Many thanks,


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Don't worry about a thing. "Steg" and I probably contributed to the confusion ourselves. I realized after I sent mine that I didn't say this was for the Garden Web swap. No biggie. Glad you're enjoying the plants, no matter who they came from!

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minnow(6 Western North Carolina)

Mine tradee's box is winging it's way up to the North somewhere! We finally had a break in the rain that has been pounding us on & off for the last 2 weeks!

I feel a happy hosta dance will be done!

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threedogsmom(6b Carroll Valley PA)

Wow ! I think I got a matching set !! Today I rec'd 3 hostas from the "Paradise" line:

Paradise Backstage
Paradise Sunset
Paradise Red Delight

I haven't even had time to look them up on hostalibrary.org, but just seeing them in person, it looks like they are ruffly, which I hoped for !! Yiippee ! A big thank you (!!) to my secret swapper Whitewater 176. I will enjoy looking them up and finding them perfect places to thrive :)

Threedogsmom (Amy)
PS- I mailed my package this am, hope all travels well. I am nervous.

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daisy_me(Z6b IL)

Steph98 - you are very welcome! I'm glad you liked them. You had such an extensive list I had a hard time finding ones you didn't have! :-)

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daisy_me(Z6b IL)

Hey everyone! I'm showing that 5 people have not sent in delivery confirmation or tracking numbers to me--you've got an e-mail in your in-box if you're one of those 5.

If you've sent your package, great, but just let me know so I can mark you off the list. If you haven't sent, please let me know when you plan to so I can let your secret swapper know their surprise will be a little late.

Thanks! :-)

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adct2hostas/Ron I received your box today. Wow! That is far better than expected. Wonderful plants, and I do not have any of them. 'Korean Snow' and 'Galaxy' have both been on my wish list for a long time, I do not have either, and they will both be enjoyed (and the streaking maintained!) here. 'Kisuji' also looks awesome. 'Banana Muffins' looks good and I really like the corrugated, round-leafed Hosta. Thank you thank you so much. The plants are all healthy, well marked representatives of their cultivars and well packaged. That was an awesome surprise! -Chris aka Woodnative

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Amy so glad you liked the hostas. we also received ours secret trade today,Gregory2327 sent us, pizzaz, torchlight and green piecrust all new or replacements to our garden, thank you so much.

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daisy_me(Z6b IL)

Hello again everyone! I've now heard from the 5 people I was missing info from, so if you have not yet received a box you should see one in the next week. Some folks were running behind, please forgive them! :-)


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When I arrived home yesterday I was greeted by two packages on my porch. In all the excitement and the dogs though roughly inspecting the packages I didn't look carefully enough for a screen name but I do know they came from NC.

I received some greet hostas; Spring Fling, June, Twilight and an huge Fried Green Tomatoe. All gorgeous.

I promptly planted in the ground and watered and its been raining pretty good since 4am this morning so they're getting a good start.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

I got my secret swap box in the mail just now! WOW, thank you VERY MUCH threedogsmom !!!
She sent me big, beautiful eyes of Liberty, Northern Halo, Old Glory AND Grand Marquee,
and also sent me a large selection of stunningly beautiful photo notecards she had made with her photos,
each with an envelope & sealed in a baggy.
Now off I go to put my magnificent new hostas in some water, as well as I can while doing this wildly happy hosta dance..

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I received my care package from newhostaaddict (Jill). Thanks again for the plants!! She sent me Emerald and Golden Tiara, Old Glory, Halcyon, and Potomac Pride. She also sent a little ceramic turtle that my 3 year old immediately claimed as his. :)

Kelli, I appreciate all your work in making this happen each year.

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maozamom NE Ohio

No acknowledgment so I can only guess my plants weren't appreciated.

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Hello all,
Just wanted to thank Drew Featherstone for the wonderful hostas he sent me, especially Toy Soldier. I'm, unfortunately, one of the few running behind. I had a personal issue come up & also threw my back out last week; your hostas are already dug up & I should be able to ship them out next week. My sincere apologies. Hope it was worth the extra wait.

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minnow(6 Western North Carolina)

Thank-You to bragu, at least I think that is who they came from! LOL YOu are in Iowa right? I received nice divisions of nigrescens, Lunar Eclipse, and Little One. All are in the ground & waiting for the next rain. I did water them when they were planted. This year we have had so much rain that the slugs are enjoying many hosta leaves, even with slug bait & traps out! What can you do?

Thanks again bagu!

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I want to thank Mike HUber for the hosta that I received yesterday! The roots were huge, well so was the plants! He sent me Keylime Pie, Abiqua Drinking Goard, and Gold Standard. Also the coolest markers made out of what I think is slate. Thank you so much. I have them in their growing spots. Mary

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platy(z6 KY)

mao_tse_mom ,

Or you could guess that somebody is having a really rough time of things currently. Thank you for the lovely hostas, large healthy divisions of Choo Choo Train, Sea Fire, Spritzer and Abiquia Moonbeam. Lovely hostas all and thank you for your generosity. They are potted and waiting placement into permanent homes.

I have been rather snowed under with taking care of my mother who broke her foot, watching my sister's kids who my mother usually watches, trying to keep up spending time and appreciating with my dear grandfather, and still look after my garden. Does anybody have any good remedies for aching feet?

Rubbing her sore soles,


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bragu_DSM 5

your welcome minnow. I looked at your haves page and my jaw dropped. I had a hard time finding something unique out of my tiny collection ... lol.

anyway, also want to thank leland from oregon.

OMG, did he go out of his way to make me a happy happy hosta day. Leland sent me .... wait for it ...

Undulata albomarginata
Toy soldier
Rhapsody in Blue
Deane's Dream
Legal Tender (will be spent wisely)
Lakeside rocky top
Jimmy Crak Corn

makes me feel guilty for only sending three!

thanks again leland!

it was a wonderful welcome back from my trip down south, where I also found H. Dream Queen in a box store.





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maozamom NE Ohio

Stacey, I was just trying to goad everyone to respond to their trades. I enjoy these swaps and read every post.

Isn't it terrible how life gets in the way of our plans so often. I recommend Keds for your feet. Can't beat the soft soles with good arch support.

Take a look at my user name and you'll see I'm not know for my sweetness and light.


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daisy_me(Z6b IL)

Mao_tse_mom - Sorry you felt slighted by not receiving an immediate acknowledgement on your package, but as you can see from the rules of the swap, no one is REQUIRED to post anything about the package they receive or thank their sender in any way. Yes, it is nice to see/hear, but as noted, sometimes life gets in the way and we can't always get to our computers right away. You and everyone else can rest assured that while you may not receive a public "thank you", your time and effort in selecting special hostas for your swapper is appreciated. :-)

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maozamom NE Ohio

Daisy, I've already wrote that I was just trying to get a response from more people and it seemed to have worked. I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes to read what everyone sent. I realize that responses weren't required and never said they were. What I didn't know was that it was against the rules to ask for them. Sorry 'bout that and how many strokes with a wet noodle are you sentencing me to ?

You need to look at my user name too. Although I'm not known for my sweetness and light, to use such a name I need a sense of humor, twisted though it may be.


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I'm on my way to the PO today. Sorry for the delay. Hope you like what I'm sending you. Be well,
Luis (omoelegba)

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Hello Dave(bragu).

I am So Glad that the Package Arrived and that You are Happy with All Your New Beauties.
Thought I Would Make Your Hosta Collection Even Bigger.
I Hope They Bring You Great Joy for Years to Come.


And Now I Want to "Thank" Lee(aka...'Melati')...
For My Wonderful Little Box of Mini snd Small Hostas.
They are Just Tiny Little Beauties.

Lee Sent Me 5 Little Beauties.

Emerald Tiara.
Katie Q.
Tiny Tears.
a Beautiful Dark Magenta Leafed...Heuchera.

All My Little Beauties are Potted Up and Ready for Me to Go Over to the Hosta Library to Figure Out Which is Which.
Did You Not Label the Hostas so I Would Have to Do All the Research...(lol).

I Just Love My New Additions Lee.
"Thank You" for Your Kindness and Generosity in Sending Me these New Hostas to My Gardens.
Your Kindness is Truly and Greatly Appreciated!


    Bookmark   June 22, 2009 at 3:51PM
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Glad you liked them, I was wondering what happened but I knew it was delivered from delivery confirmation.. sorry I did not label them properly.. I guess I was so used to them that I know all of those without label lol!!! but those are easy to figure out who is who.. yes from hosta library.
hope you also find the garden flag in the box.

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Oh My Gosh...Yes Lee and Everyone...
Lee(melati) Sent Me the Cutest Little Butterfly Garden Flag.
Hanging Over the Pond as We Speak.
The Flag was a Surprise Edition to the Box.
Definately Not Overlooked...Just Forgot to Add in the Post.

And Yes All the Hostas were Very Easy to Identify.
Thank You Again Lee for Your Wonderful Generosity!
and...The Fantastic Bevel of Beauties!"


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daisy_me(Z6b IL)

Woohoo! All packages have been mailed, and we didn't have a single person flake out this year (1st time for everything!). Glad to see everyone had so much fun with the swap, and thanks to everyone who participated for making it a success!!

If you haven't received a package yet, you should have one by the end of the week. If you don't, please let me know.

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I got my nice surprise today and looking good! June, Stained Glass and Capt Kirk! Thank you so much Luis, and thanks to daisy me for letting this happen. plantbug

    Bookmark   June 24, 2009 at 11:42AM
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You are welcome Plantbug. Sorry about the hail damage on the Capt. Kirk. Hope you enjoy them. Thanks again to Daisy_mae for this great way to meet other hostaholics.

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grdnnkd(Z4 Duluth, MN)

I am probably the last to post as I got back from vacation late on Monday. My MIL had picked up our mail while gone. When I got home, I had received a box from Jeannette Lenzen, not sure of your gardenweb nickname, (MIL opened it and kept it watered). It contained a very nice division of Independence, which I like but never seem to get around to purchase.

It was too late for me to post my thanks and I'm glad I didn't as another box (from Hallsons, my favorite source) arrived. Jeanette out did herself and sent Lullabye and One Man's Treasure with a bonus plant of Deep Blue Sea. So wonderful and a HUGE surprise. I gave them a good drink yesterday and potted them up tonight.

Thanks so much Jeanette for making my trade special!!!

aka grdnnkd

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Glad they made it safely Brian. Enjoy!


    Bookmark   June 25, 2009 at 12:04PM
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