Lavender ("Munstead") is blooming. Now what?

Storm 7aJuly 28, 2013

Hi everyone,
So, my first successfully grown lavender is blooming! Now, what should I be doing to keep it thriving? Is it time to pluck the buds or should I wait a little while longer? Repot? Cut back? I'm a newb with growing lavender successfully so all help is appreciated immensely!
Thank you!

Images of said lavender below (sorry they/re so large):

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I generally cut the blooms (with stalk) when the buds just start opening. What is your intention with the lavender?

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balloonflower(5b Denver CO, HZ 5-6, Sunset 2b)

Cute little guy! But, he does need a better home. Lavender is a shrub, and will need pot space to grow.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Agree with balloon flower.

Lavender is a shrub and it is normally planted for its flowers.

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Storm 7a

Thanks so much everyone! I;m sorry it took me F O R E V E R to finally post a follow up (very busy all last month).

Soâ¦I plucked off the buds (most of them) and made a few lovely small sachets and also infused some to try a soap idea I have. Now, a month later, there appears to be even more small blooms occurring again - so thrilled! I'm in the process of repotting it into a much bigger container (yes I know this is WAY past due for my poor but seemingly quite strong lavender!)â¦

I just have one question before proceeding: what type of potting soil would be best? I know it needs it to be more alkaline than normal plants but how do i go about getting it that way? Is regular Espoma potting soil with some "desert sand" mixed in good enough? Should I add some egg shells to it too? Or not?

All help is very appreciated!

Thanks so much!

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