Using basil as an insect repellant

zackey(GA 8b)July 13, 2012

We had 15 inches of rain from Tropical Storm Debbie. That created tons of mosquitos. I hate using Off. It burns my skin. I noticed when I was outside (without Off on) working with my basil plant I didn't get bit at all by the mosquitos. So the next day I cut about a dozen leaves off and crushed them in my hands. I rubbed the oil on my exposed skin. I only had one mosquito bite.

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lemon balm works, too.

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Actually, almost any strong-smelling herb works - particularly the lemon-scented ones. And if an unually brave mosquito happens to bite you, just rub on a crushed leaf and it will ease the sting.

This is why many people plant strong-smelling herbs around their barbecue areas. The trick is, of course, that the leaves must be disturbed in some way - rubbed against, crushed - to release those essential oils. Of course, some of those insectidical herbs can help flavour your barbecue meat, too!!

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