Saving Basil Seeds

johnweh(10 Boca Raton FL)July 6, 2010

In past years I would buy store bought basil plants. When they went to seed, they would drop their seed in the same pot

I grew them in & I'd get a volunteer come up in a few weeks. This season I'm trying to save the seeds & grow them in new containers, but none of them have germinated in the 3 weeks since I've planted them. The seed stalks were left on the plant until they turned brown. I then put them in a brown paper bag for 2 weeks before they were planted in 4" pots. The seeds came from Thai Basil & Red Rubin Basil. Any suggestions on getting these seeds to germinate?


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Can't help you with those varieties but Sweet Basil do fine even when left out all winter and planted the following spring. Sweet Basil won't drop their seeds so there is not hurry in harvesting seeds and they seem to sprout better than purchased seeds.

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I've saved basil seeds many times. The only thing I can think of is that you didn't leave them on the plant long enough. Even when the heads appear dry, I usually just leave them there. Basil seeds will, in my experience, turn dark even when they're not full and plump. Yours may not have matured properly.

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