Peach tree leaves turning yellow

jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)July 27, 2011

Two years ago I planted my first 4 ft Tropic Beauty peach tree in my backyard. I am located just south of Venice and the tree thrived. This past March I added a second Tropic Beauty that I bought at HD. Only the original bore fruit last June, but it was a bonanza. Both trees are now 6 ft tall and seemed to be doing fine until about 3 weeks ago when both started dropping dozens of yellow leaves. Is this normal ?

They are both still covered with 95 % green leaves and just a few yellow ones, but beneath both trees are many dozens of the recently fallen yellow ones. Don't recall last year if this happened, but am curious if this is just a normal occurance. They have been fertilized and liberally watered by Mother Nature, am hoping some peach tree experts out there will tell me if I have a problem or not.


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I do not know much but I can tell you we lost one of our peach trees this summer. They are all about same age range and height as your two.

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I can't say either, but I know mine does that too.

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UF says that leaf drop in Nectarines and Peaches can be caused by lack of fertilizer and/or fungus.

Rain and watering may have washed out some of the fertilizer previously applied.
UF recommends a light fertilization now with a general fertilizer such as 8-0-8 or something similar.
Light is the key word.
Normally peaches are fertilized in March and May.

Some trees will drop leaves if they get too much water !

If the leaves have lots of spots treat for fungus.

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

Gatormom : Thanks for the advise. There are no spots on any of the leaves, and see many new, lighter green leaves coming out now. Since I fertilized with a 4-6-8 generic fertilizer 3 weeks ago, the leaf drop has just about ceased so am optimistic, especially after katkin's comment.
Will look around now for something closer to 8-0-8. I will be spraying my 4 mango trees for fungus in a month, so will include the 2 peach trees as well,...can't hurt.
Thanks again for all the comments.

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Good plan.
Wishing you success and a good crop.

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I have 5 peach trees and they are all doing the exact same. I think it started after we got 6-8 inches of rain in a day, but they are still growing and have 90% of the leaves healthy.

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With mine it seems to happen with too much rain or not enough, exactly what this year has been.

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Callme.Billy(9 +-)

I'm pretty sure your peach trees have a nitrogen and or iron, and or magnesium deficiency, and or nematode problem. My "Florida Prince" has leaf yellowing and falling with no signs of fungus. Found enough info on the internet to narrow it down to 4 things things. LOL
I applied Southern Ag's calcium nitrate, common magnesium sulfate(Epson salt), Sunniland's nematode control, and ironite.
My tree is 3+ years old now and produced over 200 peaches this last season. I was using strips of bicycle inner tube to truss the branches up because it had so many peaches.
I live in citrus county Florida. Very hot and humid here during the summer.. I spray with a solution of neem oil weekly to keep any fungus at bay.
I hope this helps. Im sure it wont hurt anyways. I'll post results in a month or so.

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