Help! My mint looks like Swiss cheese!

LoganGirl85July 15, 2013

My mint had been planted outside in a pot until last week when I discovered entire leaves had disappeared! Fearing my neighbors were enjoying mojitos without me, I moved the plant indoors. But now I have a new problem! The leaves have a Swiss cheese like appearance and I don't see any bugs around. I have had a few fruit flies in my apartment, but read elsewhere that fruit flies don't like mint. Any ideas on what the pesky culprit may be and a (natural) way to get rid of it?
Thanks in advance :)

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CA Kate

I recently discovered green caterpillars gnawing holes - and whole leaves - in my mint plants. I've never had this before, but keep picking off the caterpillars as they get big enough to see. Grrrrrrrr!

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I would put it back outside. There are already signs that it lacks light. (Those young shoots elongating and curving upwards.) You could give it a chicken wire hat for large predators and keep an eagle eye out for smaller ones.

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Actually, where I had it outside doesn't get much light due to a neighbors tree, inside is a sunny window for 12 hrs of the day and the plant is growing much better. So, I thought it would be win/win. I just need to figure out what bugs came inside along with it.

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