MINT! More and More!

heatherk(z7 Roanoke Rapids, NC)July 25, 2010

I have a beautiful potted mint plant that has started sending runners out and I've put pots next to the original mint plant to 'catch' the runners so they can start to take root.

My question is: how do I propagate these runners into new plants?

My second question is the original plant is HUGE! Any suggestions as to additional uses, drying, or preservation of the mint plant?

My third question is how do I winter this plant? We are in Zone 7 and have fairly mild winters, we may get frost or snow. I can bring it inside if need be.

All suggestions are welcome!

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Do you know what kind of "mint" it is? There are many plants some of them very different from each other than can have the moniker "mint."


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heatherk(z7 Roanoke Rapids, NC)

It is Lime Mint

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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

new use - 2-3 cupsfresh mint leaves, 1 fresh cut up pineapple, 1-2 cups a high speed blender to smoothie/slushy state.

Propagation, I'd pop off a stem stick it in soil and water well - chances are - it'll take.

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T-bird, 2-3 cups of mint in one smoothie? I just wanted to check that measurement before I tried it :)

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Mint is very easy to propogate from cuttings. My BF would prefer that the whole yard be mint, so every time we harvest, we cut a stems near to the ground, leaving several healthy leaves at the base (so it will continue to grow)

The cutting get stripped of leaves except for the top two, and the stems are then cut back to 4-5 " and immediately stuck in a glass of water. Usually the next day I dust the end of the stems with rooting hormone, and pop them in an empty four pack with regular potting soil - in about a week they are ready to go back into the mint bed. We went from 8 plants to 40 this year! (so far)

Oh - and they are easily winter hardy in zone 7 - I am in zone 4 and the couple of plants I had last year wintered over outside just fine. In the ground, not in pots.

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