Italian parsley (seedlings) - leaves curling

mika_rJuly 29, 2014


I am pretty new to growing herbs, and recently planted parsley seeds for the first time. I planted them in pots midway through summer (zone 6b), and will attempt to bring them indoors for fall/ winter-- either placed by a window or grow light. My seedlings sprouted 3-4 weeks ago, and each have 2-5 small leaves. Today I brought one pot of seedlings indoors to see how they might react to the change in temperature/ setting; the leaves of the sprouts are now starting to curl a lot! They were placed by a window that gets a lot of sun, but the temperature was cooler indoors than the plant has been accustomed to outside. However -- I heard parsley does ok in cooler temperatures, and that it can be grown successfully indoors. What might have happened? The soil is damp so I don't think water is an issue. Is it the change in temperature/ humidity that may have caused the leaves to curl? Do you think the sprouts will continue to have trouble/ what should I do?

Any thoughts/ advice are appreciated!

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

'what should I do?'

I would put the parsley back where it was happy and leave it there until the last possible moment in late autumn before bringing it inside. Parsley can survive indoors but it will always be happier and more healthy outside. It is fairly cold tolerant so I would not bring it in until after a couple of frosts.

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