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gmom2-6boysJuly 21, 2013

I have oregano growing in my garden. How do I find out what kind it is? My friend who gave it to me said she just grows it for the flowers. I do not smell the oregano smell.
I want to dry it to use in my cooking.
Your help is needed.

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nickl(Z7a NJ)

There are numerous species and hybrids that are called oregano or are in that plant genus, not to mention probably as many and more named varieties and sub-species.

Some of these are strictly ornamental - they are grown for their appearance, not for their culinary use. There are a few so-called dual purpose varieties, but IMHO if you want a culinary variety, you should make that your primary attribute.

Because there is so much variation between even individual plants in the family, the most reliable way to get a good culinary variety is to get a plant that was cloned from one that has known good properties for that use.

If you know someone who has such a plant, you should know that oregano is very easy to propagate from cuttings. if you are starting from scratch so to speak, my suggestion id to visit a local herb farm and work it from there. I'm not opposed to buying plants by mail order or via the web - I just think that a local source is better. And you'll have a fun time doing it.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Gmom, is there any way that you can post images of your plant here? If the leaves do not smell of oregano when you crush them, I have doubts that it is oregano at all.

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I have just joined a Community garden with a raised box. I have planted corriander, basil, sage and thyme and all have come up lovely. However after taking a lot of the corriander for salad etc the remainder seems to have wilted and has now started to develop white flowers at the top. I am new to all this and have no idea when to know a plant has gone to seed and what you do after it has. Help please.

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Patsy - it is best to start you own thread if you are introducing a new topic. Regarding your coriander it has been staggeringly hot here and that has just encouraged your plants to flower and set seed. They will do this quite quickly anyway but the heat speeds it up. You need to sow coriander at regular intervals to keep up a continuous supply. I use the flowers and seeds as well as the leaves, so nothing goes to waste. BTW Coriander is an annual and will need resowing next year. The sage and thyme are perennials and will live over the winter. Basil is not usually very reliable outdoors but in London and especially this year you have a better chance than in many areas. I always grow it in the greenhouse to give it the necessary heat and light.

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