Is this Stevia?

brandon_the_random(7b)August 15, 2014

I dumped a bunch of stevia seeds in some pots with reused soil. Only this popped out but it looks somewhat like a weed I've seen before so I'm not completely sure its stevia. Bit apprehensive in tasting a leaf though that would solve it quickly. What do you think?

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Here's a pic of my Stevia. Your leaves look more toothy. Also it looks like your stems might be spikey. Have you tried chewing a tiny bit to taste for sweetness?

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gvozdika(8 OR)

It does not look like Stevia. Stevia has leaves that look like growing right from the main stem. Stevia's stem covered with fine hair. First leaves look more roundish. At least there are differences that I see comparing with my Stevia.

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nevermind, it seems to be stinging nettles. found that out the hardway while reaching for a pot in the back... never even seen stinging nettles before lol

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Hey, stinging nettles are good for tea as well - really good stuff. I'm actually growing it on purpose for the first time this year. My understanding is that it will be a bit of a challenge keeping it under control and where I want it, but I'm determined. I've heard that stevia is very hard to grow from seed - I've just purchased small plants, but then I've kept them for many years. I grow it in pots, and I bring it in each winter before first frost.

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That first image look like nettle.. xD

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Stinging nettles are a host plant for some butterflies, too. Win, win.

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