freezing grated zucchini questions

tomtuxman(6bNY)July 31, 2009

I already have a surplus of zucchini this year (baseball bat size, a few of them) after many years of zucchini failures. Despite the cool rainy summer..go figure!

Anyway, I was advised to make zucchini bread, fritters, etc. Sounds good to me.

Since I do not want to spend a majority of my life in the kitchen, grating and freezing sound like reasonable options to me.

Questions: (a) do I need to blanch zucchini before or after grating, before freezing? (b) should grated zucchini be colandered and squeezed before bagging and freezing, or should extra moisture be left in? and (c)does zucchini need an additive, such as lemon juice, to keep from discoloration?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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prairie_love(z3/4 ND)

I freeze grated zucchini every year. I do not blanch it (never even thought of doing so!). I just grate and freeze in 2 C portions (since that's what most recipes call for). When I thaw, I let it drain for a very long time and squeeze then.

I think it might be better to do as you suggest. Grate, salt and drain, squeeze and drain, freeze.

I do not add lemon juice and have not noticed any discoloration.

In my opinion, zucchini are better before they reach the size of baseball bats! Wiffleball bats might be better, lol. I do know how hard it is to keep up though, those things are happy growers!

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Agree that we just grate and freeze - we coarse grate. No blanching, no squeezing, no salt, nothing else. We also freeze in 2 cup portions. Into a ziplock freezer bag, squeeze out the excess air, and lay them out on a cookie sheet to freeze flat and then they stack well and take little room.


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I also just grate and freeze as the above posters do. I also freeze in 2 cups portions, and lie them on a cookie sheet to freeze so they will stack well.

the only thing I do differently is in use. When I'm using the frozen zucchini in baked goods, like bread or muffins, I just dump in the liquid and all, I figure the liquid was there in the original recipe, so it needs to be there.

For fritters or zucchini pancakes, I drain and squeeze the stuff dry.


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