timzonetenJuly 5, 2014

Moved to Broward county recently, today I bought a small rosemary plant. I was advised to grow it in a pot but I'd rather not. Will it do well in the ground here? If so, how much sun? What should I do to the soil? And should I keep it away from the sprinklers? Thanks!

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It really doesn't matter, ground or pot, although having it in a pot means that you can move it around. Rosemary wants full sun and minimal water once established. Fast draining soil is a must as they will rot if it's too wet.

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Thanks! I'll find a dry, sunny spot for it and put 'er in the ground tomorrow.

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I've had Rosemary growing in a pot for 2 years. If you let it dry out too much it will wilt and die.

Ask how I know :))


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Rosemary is tolerant of the sandy soil and builders sand. It can also grow in areas with partial shade, but there are more flowers in sunny spots.

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keiki(10 FL)

It grows like a weed for me. I started with two after Christmas clearance tree shaped rosemary cones a few years back and have a nice little hedge now. It is partially shaded and gets watered twice a week with the rest of the garden.

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