Remember when this used to be a daylily garden?

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)August 21, 2012

Well, not any more! It is now a Tall Bearded Iris garden. I have been very busy working in the garden this past few days. You all know me, it should be no surprise that I have moved stuff around again. I always move stuff around each year ha-ha!

Here is the garden area at the side of the driveway. This used to be two rows of daylilies. Earlier in the year I relocated things in order to make it one row of daylilies as shown in the picture. My plan was to plant veggies in back of those daylilies. But I was not totally satisfied with that plan. I always thought it would be better as a TB Iris garden.

So here it is today. Now a Tall Bearded Iris garden. The row of Red Alert lilies in back were not touched, they are still there.

Three rows of iris planted. Now I know these iris are way too closely jammed in there. But I really don't care. I love iris in bloom, think they are ugly plants the rest of the time. This is the perfect place for iris and I had to get those plants in there.

And just where did I get all these iris plants? Why did they all have to be jammed in somewhere?

You remember Tower Square Iris garden. (a few days ago)

Here is Tower Square today. Those are the iris moved. The straw is simply as mulch so that I don't get weeds growing. All iris and gladiolas were moved out of there. Also all plants in the middle square moved except for the clematis growing on the tower. So all empty, ready to be a veggie garden next spring.

I intend to put vertical netting around three sides of the middle square and grow my Yard Long Beans in there. I have them in pots this year but since I definatly am going to plant them again next year, I want them in ground. Then the rest will be for tomatoes. I DO LOVE my tomatoes ha-ha.

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lesmc are an amazing work-horse of a lady!! Lot os work involved in moving all of that. I can not wait to see it in bloom next spring. I sadly lost all of my red alert lilies to gophers this year. Every morning I would go out and pick out the stems with NO bulb attached. Actually, I have lost over 100 lilies this year. I will just enjoy seeing yours next year! Lesley

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Work, work, work...take a break gal because you make me sooo tired! It's gonna be a great veggie patch and I think the TB Irises will love their new home!! Ellie

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Guys, I am glad it is done. I am dragging today so hardly did anything at all. I did water and admire the way things look. I do like the iris there in their new home.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Looks very nice RITA, but, I am betting that next year them IRIS will be moved again,since you think they are ugly after the blooming is over.haha


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Nancy zone 6

You've been really busy, Rita, I think the iris will really look good there though. Iris generally don't look great after they finish blooming & when it gets hot. It is hard to find the right place for them sometimes, where they will have the proper attention when they are in bloom but not noticed so much when they don't look good. I've been moving iris around, but not trying to do it all in one day like you do :)

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We tried to have an iris garden when we moved here, but kept getting iris borers and having gophers and moles tear up underneath the plants, so we gave up. I will just enjoy yours when they bloom next year. Avedon

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Hey Rita, I am laughing as I read this. Were you and I siblings seperated at birth? Just yesterday I was telling DH that I had to dig up and get rid of a dozen or more rugosas that were planted up against the house so I could make an IRIS bed. He was like "Why does that not surprise me? You are always digging things up and moving stuff and building more flower beds. I think it's a sickness".

I had ordered iris rhizomes last week with no place to plant them (I do this quite often with daylilies too) so they are in pots waiting. There is only one place left that gets all day sun and that's where the rugosas are so it's logical that the rugosas must go. DH was shaking his head because these are rugosas I grew from seed and he doesn't understand why I would go through all the trouble of growing them from seed just to dig them up and throw them in the burn pile. I had to explain that 1) they are japanese beetle magnets, 2) they are unruly beasts which took over more real estate than they are allowed, 3) tall bearded iris are much prettier, and 4) I have nowhere to plant the iris that I ordered so something has to go. I am so glad that I have this thread so I can show it to him!
This way he will know that it's totally logical and normal to dig up plants in favor of other plants. Haha.

It looks great Rita. Now I'm off to get scratched to death as I tackle the rugosa project.


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Gardeners rearranging their rooms. Totally normal. It looks great, Rita.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I spread some straw out in the very back between the last row and the row of lilies. I can't mulch the rest so I guess I will just put out some Preen.

Jean, I have ALWAYS thought bearded iris have ugly leaves and are ugly plants. But this spring blooms sure are beautiful. No, I will not be moving these iris next year as I have no place to move them too. I guess I could always move them around ha-ha.

Avedon, the iris are a pain that they need much more weeding than things usually do around here. Oh well. They are pretty flowers.

Nancy, I worked on both projects so I would go back and forth. Took a few days. Things look like they are going no where and then suddenly things that have been worked on gradually are finished. Looks like it got done all at once but not really true.

Celeste, I see no reason why a garden shouldn't change all the time. After all it is a garden and not supposed to be always the same. I plant things and have them for a while and then move them or totally move them out. Seems pretty normal to me. In fact I tried Rugosas myself. Mine were store bought but after a few years I decided I didn't like them and out they went. So your moving them out to make room for iris seems quite logical to me :-))

Kay, you know I never re-arrange my inside furniture so I guess I just have to move something around. Daylilies are most often moved around here!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I put Preen on it and now just wait to see how the iris settle in. Also, since I did have the room I decided to plant peas there in Tower Square. I had the seeds so figgured why not.

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Julia NY(6)

Oh no, I looked forward to seeing all the daylilies along the driveway. BUT, I'm not the one doing your garden work. LOL.

Alot of work but worth it as the show will be spectacular next year.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Julia, there are still plenty of daylilies along the driveway. It is only this one small area that is now iris. The daylilies continue from here all the way down the driveway.

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