growing gotu kola

jll0306(9/ Sunset 18/High Desert)August 23, 2006

I ordered some plants, and received pots with a few skimpy stems and small leaves on them. (dissapointing to say the least)

I set them in a shallow dish of water and kept them moist. they put out a few rooted runners down to the water, but the plants themselves kept dying off.

I took the rootlets and buried them in the soil of the plant next to them. Everything still seemed to die back. I thought about throwing the pots out, but decided to keep the faith.

Took the pots out of the water, and just kept the soil moist.

I'm happy to say that each pot now has several small green leaves emerging!

I may be able to do this! Yippee. Since I've read that GK is a "thug", it would be a gardening disgrace not to be able to keep it alive.

Celebrating today!


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I am not too sure it's a thug in a mediterranean climate... I killed mine, underwatering.

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It's a thug where I live, in the subtropics! I kept mine firmly contained in a pot, and then when I moved house it was one of the herbs I just had to get rid of it because of lack of space. But you know - that wretched stuff keeps popping up in unexpected places in my little garden! Keep it moist and in partial shade, although it will grow in full sun if kept moist. It will die off easily if allowed to dry out, but give it a drink and it will resurrect. I'd say your plants went into severe transplant shock.

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nygardener(z6 New York)

It's pretty easy to grow. If I remember right it's not frost-hardy, so you may as well keep it in pots and overwinter indoors.

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jll0306(9/ Sunset 18/High Desert)

Oh, no! The dreaded transplant shock!

I didn't transplant them yet, but I'm wondering if the grower didn't just before sending them. I gave one of the plants to a friend with a green thumb, and he had the same problem. Then his housekeeper threw the pot out, thinking it was a lost cause.

Judging from the number of babies I'm now seeing, I will have to separate and transplant them sooner or later...and then here we go again??

If they thrive, I think I will keep them as houseplants, since we are planning to move to zone 6a soon.

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nygardener(z6 New York)

If you want, you can buy some more from Richters, which also gives some info on culture.

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adrianag(AL z7)

I will be visiting a friend in NSW for a month from the US and would love to try Gotu Kola for my arthritis. Can somebody suggest a source?

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its def hardy to usda zone 9b
ive never lived anywhere colder than that

i could send you a plant

or try a mail order nursery stateside
ive had good dealings with horizon herbs
they have tinctures too

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