Mint leaves turning pink??

burngirlAugust 29, 2009


I recently went on vacation for a couple of months, so I left my beloved peppermint plant with a friend to care for it. When I returned last week, I found that the leaves had half turned a rusty/pink-ish sort of colour and the problem seems to be worsening. Also, it seems to me as though it's growing much more slowly than normal. She hasn't the slightest idea of how this happened. I did notice that she put some tiny orange clay-coloured balls on top of the soil - she says they are charcoal (?) and meant to simply absorb excess water. I'm not sure if they caused the problem.

In any case, if anyone has knowledge about why a mint plant might change colour like this, please tell me! And also would welcome suggestions for how to fix this.

All of the other plant I left with her did brilliantly...

(By the way, this mint has always been an indoor plant)

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

My mints and lemon balm will have a reddish or purply color early in the season or late in the season when they are stressed by the temperature (cold nights). This is about the time I start to see it for fall. Of course a plant in a pot might be a head of other plants since it wouldn't have the ground to keep it warm.


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jessicavanderhoff(7 Md)

I agree that it's some kind of stress. If those balls hold in water, it could well be that it's staying too wet. Mine turned bright purple once from being too waterlogged. It'll bounce back. I recently yanked my peppermint plant out of its jar and ripped 90% of the root mass off. Not only does the plant look great, the roots I chucked in the compost bin grew a new plant. Peppermint is resilient.

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