100 Year Old Mango Tree - How often does fruit bloom?

mangodaveJuly 11, 2014

Hi Folks,
First time poster here. We moved into a house four years ago with a huge mango tree. We were told it was about 100 years old from a tree service. Maybe a Carrie mango?

The last three years it has always grown mangos. Last year it must have dropped close to 500 mangos. They were yummy and a pain to clean up.

This year maybe five mangos have dropped. It did flower in the spring. Can't see to many on the tree. The leaves are dropping like crazy. New leaves are growing. I have to rake twice week for the last month. Yuck.

Pics are included. The pic with the red leaves was just taken. The other is just to show her glory.

So my question is do mango trees have fruit cycles? Or is the end near for our old friend?


Mango Dave

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Here's a pic from a few years ago.not sure why I can't post more then 1 pic at a time.

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sweetmonkeycheese(z9 Tampa)

Holy man, I had no idea mango trees could be so big! I am no help to you, but I hope your old gal is just a lil under the weather and is back to her glory days soon!

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Yes, some mango trees get huge. We try to keep ours pruned shorter. We don't get so many fruit that way that we can't use. BTW, you can pick them when they are showing some blush and ripen them in the house. You don't have to wait until they fall.
The tree looks healthy and it's got new growth. There were some other posts that this year wasn't the best for mangoes. Check them out. :o)

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In commercial orchards they are usually replaced at about 40 years, so you have an OLD one.

They can be cyclical. Again, in an orchard they aren't all in a low cycle at once so it's not an issue unless the weather was bad.

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Thanks for all the replies. We will cross our fingers and hope for better next year.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Maybe a nice hard pruning job will kick it into gear...but it will take at least 2-3 years after a VERY hard prune to start fruiting again...if it were my tree I would cut appx. half of the height...but that's just me. Shorter fruit trees are a lot easier to manage...either way Good luck!! Its probably just an off year...some fruit trees do this...

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In our neighborhood (an old mango grove from the 30's), none of the old trees had good fruit. One very young tree has some, one old one had tons of fruit that dropped off small and rotten, but most didn't set fruit at all, including our old reliable 35 year old tree. I'm leaning toward whitefly causing the problem, but I have nothing scientific to back that up. Whitefly has shown up big time here in the past couple years.

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whgille(FL 9b)

I just came back from the mango festival at the Fairchild gardens and they had a mango clinic there to ask questions. One of the volunteers told me that if I want the trees to fruit, keep it at a small size, he said not tall like a palm. I saw an incredible amount of mangoes there. Great mango season!


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Wow, more good replies. It could be white fly. Our neighbor across the street had them in the spring on their Christmas palms. They wiped them out and I don't see any on our palms. Mango tree is to tall for me to see anything up close. We live in the St. Pete area so the white flys are jus arriving here.

Our mangos tasted good but I'm no mango expert; never had one before. They could be rotten compared to younger fruit for all I know.

Thanks again for the feedback.

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