OT follow up on Feral Littens

organic_kitten(8)August 10, 2014

Bella continues to be more and more tame. She is usually waiting for me when I come outside and follows me all over the garden. She climbs in my lap when I feed, but not as often as Gus otherwise, but she rubs against my legs, and will follow me into the house. She has begun to try to initiate play with the chihuahuas when I take them out. Yesterday, I had to feed the cats on the front porch due to rain, and after putting their food down, I went to water the plants in the greenhouse. In just a minute, Bella came running back to me. I returned to the porch and discovered the big ginger tom cat eating her food. I scared him off and Bella resumed eating. It seemed as if Bella had run to find me when he scared her away from the food. Very funny for a once very feral little cat.

The gold cat, Goldie, is not at all afraid of my being near now. She knows when I feed and usually shows up. She eats then comes within a couple of feet of where I am sitting to groom herself and then nap. Of course, Bella comes to initiate play at that time, grabbing feet or hand even if I am sitting quietly.

Isn't it amazing how taming some boiled chicken can be.

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Evidently your gourmet spread changed their mindset about humans. Nice job, Kay! Keep us posted.

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I enjoy hearing about the progress you're making with those feral cats. Love, patience, and some boiled chicken......all the right ingredients for winning them over.:-)


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shive(6b TN)

Glad to hear Goldie is coming around. Maybe I should have tried the boiled chicken on mine. Two of them are still scaredy cats about touched. Sometimes Sammie forgets her fear, but Columbus never trusted me again after her spaying and recuperation time in the basement.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I love that they are trusting you more and more and I enjoy getting updates on them. Thanks for keeping us up on their progress! It makes me smile knowing they have found a safe, loving place to call home.


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I enjoy reading about your progress with your new kitties! Nice story about Bella and tom cat :)

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Thank you for your comments. Bella loves to play. She will miss the "brown sticks" from the daylilies. If nothing else, she steals a glove, or if I slip it off a shoe and goes into mock fights. She also like to roll over and invite me to scratch her belly so she can grab my hand. Goldie remains more skittish, but took food from my hand. She likes to come up within a couple of feet of me and nap after eating. Gus just crawls in my lap. Debra, I worry about the trust issue when they are spaded, neutered. but it must be done. I am concentrating on building as much as possible now.


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zackey(GA 8b)

We have 3 ferals that we had fixed. The one was tame when she had it done. She's still a lovey. The other two just come for meals.

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Glad to hear that they are all doing well... you sure have made great strides with them!

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Nancy zone 6

I always look forward to your updates on the kittens, I'm so glad they are doing so well. Goldie must trust you quite a bit that she wants to nap near you like that. Sounds like you have Bella completely won over, don't you love when they roll over for a belly rub?

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Maryl zone 7a

In a world full of horrifying news it's so refreshing to hear about your kindness and care to the new additions. All creatures Great and Small as it says........Marly

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