Zero Dark Thirty

lily316(z5PA)January 13, 2013

After seeing this movie which very closely follows the hunt for Bin laden, I am even more impressed with the gutsiness of President Obama. I usually am not a huge fan of this type of movie, but it's a good one and women , especially one, played a big role in this.

I'm trying to see many of the nominated ones, and this is the fourth Sat night in a row I've seen powerful movies.

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Which nominated movie do you believe is the best? I loved Argo.

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I loved Argo too,and think Affleck got screwed not getting the director nomination. My favorite so far is Silver Lining Playbook ,but I've yet to see Lincoln which is the critic's favorite.

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I also thought Argo was very well done. Havent seen the others yet

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I think Lincoln will win and Daniel Day Lewis is practically a shoo-in for best actor. I thought ZDT was an excellent film, could even give Lincoln a run for its money. I didn't it was about Obama but about that amazing CIA agent who obsessively chased Bin Laden down despite a great deal of opposition from the folks higher up. In fact the film is well balanced in that it does not vilify Bush nor lionize Obama. Also it makes no value judgments about torture or any otehr kind of interrogation. The film pulls no punches--puts the issues in the viewer's face and leaves the judgment there. .
LOVED Silver Linings Playbook and have seen it twice. Matthew Quick is a graduate of La Salle University where I teach and a former student of Justin Cronin, best-seeling author of The Passage and The Twelve. The film was made right here in suburban Philadelphia. I often eat breakfast at the Llanerch Diner, featured in the film, and there were so many familiar landmarks used as setting that it was like a game identifying them. I like that Quick was so upfront about mental illness and the folks who need to understand it and deal with its repercussions. It's a total love story--friends, family, lovers. De Niro for best supporting actor, Lawrence for best actress. My husband is in love with her, lol.

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National Geo broadcast the TV version of the operation a few months ago before the movie came out. In the NGeo version the info (name) that led them to Obama years later wasn't obtained via torture but rather by threatening the detainee with rendition to another country for further more intense torturing. Who knows what really happened? Without too much spoilage Lily did the movie version show the info (name) coming out under direct torturing? (or rather, "enhanced interrogation" for our more semantic savvy conservative readers).

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david52 Zone 6

Yesterday, we watched Beasts of the Southern Wild on DVD (after the Bronco's game, I couldn't bear to watch any more football)

I haven't seen any of the others.

I thought it was pretty funny, and the people who made the film must have had a blast.

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In the end, it's all for entertainment purpose/value... and the industry takes huge license with the truth and actual events. So, while some of the mentioned films were entertaining, I wouldn't necessarily list them at the top or give them awards. One person's form of entertainment can differ greatly from another's.

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vgkg, it did not show info coming as a result of enhanced torture. I'd need to see the film again to follow the exact course of the info gathering, but my reading of it was just plain relentless "detective" work and an almost accidental discovery that started the final ball rolling.

Jodi, ZDT is BASED ON events, not a meticulous duplication of them. The point of the film as I read it is to celebrate the kind of hard work and careful watching and listening that enabled the killing of Bin Laden to happen. It's not about heroics. That CIA agent had to persist through the deaths of her friends, the total frustration of blind alley after blind alley, the resistance of higher ups to always take her seriously and give her the resources she needed, the accidents of missed clues, etc., on her way to locating OBL. That journey may not be totally and absolutely accurate in every small detail, but it's accurate insofar as it illustrates the KIND of work that led to the killing of that man. I do find that very entertaining but I also like that it makes me think of the big picture of intelligence work.

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For anyone who thinks the list of nominees is inaccurate or incomplete, what films would you add or subtract?

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It WAS a relentless obsession almost of a female CIA agent who just wouldn't quit looking for Bin laden's courier. The Mideast in the movie which was filmed there is depressing and a violent way of life. Obama and Bush had no role in the movie . I was making MY observation about the risk Obama took which was predicted to be maybe not even 60% effective. They really didn't know despite all the surveillance of the compound , that it was really Bin Laden. It could have been another high ranking member of AlQueda or a drug lord. But the CIA persevered. It was found by intelligence, but water boarding and other torture is in the movie.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

Hollywood progessives are trying to inform the public of ZDT falsely attributing intelligence on OBL's courier as being obtained by torture.

The CIA confirmed that the intelligence was not from torture. I find the screenplay's invention irresponsible, and I'm not a fan of extra-judicial killings no matter who is in the White House.

As an aside, anyone remember the conservatives attacking President Obama about the ZDT director's access to information regarding the capture of OBL? All types of accusations were made that the film was to be released before the elections, and influence the public before going to the polls. Another conservative prediction that was flat-out wrong.

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Well Frank, it seems we're not the only ones who like Argo. I thought maybe Affleck had a chance tonight at the Golden Globes, and he won like he did the Critic's Choice award for Best Director. Then the movie beat Lincoln and ZDT!!! Wow , a shocker. I was sure one of them would win. I saw all the nominated movies and liked them equally. The same with Les Miz and Silver Lining category.

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Argo is the only nominated movie I have seen. I was in high school at the time of the iran hostages. Affleck is not one of my favorites, but the movie was very good. (I also really liked Munich. Don't remember if it was nominated for anything back then.)

I had wanted to see Lincoln, but not so much anymore. I will see ZDT, hopefully in the next couple of days.

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I havent talked to any desert vets about movies so I cant comment on any really. Except to say "the hurt locker" was terrible.
I suspect tho, as most Nam movies, they plain suck. Not that there wont be 1 or 2 which are so so realistic.

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