Wilting stevia

algar32August 17, 2013

I recieved this plant in the mail the other day and it seemed very healthy. I left it in the intial pot for 5 hours before I had time to transplant. When I returned the plant was looking unhealthy. I transplanted it and waited a day leaving it in a window with a little bit of sun. Today this is what the plant looks like:

It is wilting quite a bit. I gave it a decent amount of water, but it is still wilting. I don't think it would suffer from any type of water induced root rot in this short period of time. It is currently in partial shade on my front steps.

What do you think is wrong with it? I am considering plucking off some leaves and seeing if that helps. Is it unwise to take a cutting at this point? I was considering this in case the main plant dies. Thanks.

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Any suggestions?

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

May be you introduced it to sun, too fast ?

Cutting can work, depending on how big the seedling is ?

I would keep it in a bright indirect light to see what happens.
Then I would go ahead and transplant in the garden.

DO NOT over water. Just keep the soil moist.

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It's suffering from transplant shock - looking about as droopy as you'd feel after a transplant operation! Keep the soil moist but not soggy, protect from the harshest sun of the day, don't feed it - in short, treat it tenderly as you'd treat a patient suffering surgery, or a small baby - let it rest. In 2-3 weeks it should perk up nicely.

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It was already wilting like this before I transplanted it. I probably shouldnt have transplanted it.

The plant is dead, but I did take a few cuttings. Some died, but the shorter ones seemed to survive. A few actually fell off when I was plucking leaves (these cuttings were very short). I wasn't expecting, much from them, but they were the only ones to survive. I wasn't paying attention, but because of how short there were. they fell and became entirely submerged in the water. The leaves were floating on the water. Yet, they were the only ones to root, and their leaves remained perfectly healthy.

I found this to be quite odd, seeing as they aren't aquatic plants and cuttings aren't typically submerged in water.


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