No love for the Golden Rain Tree?

sweetmonkeycheese(z9 Tampa)July 11, 2014

I thought I had noticed on another post someone saying the dreaded Golden Rain Tree and I was just wondering why.

My grandmother donated to the arbor day society and gave me the baby trees she got for the donation, it was dogwood, redbud, crapemurtle, and goldenrain tree.

Not that anyone could get me to rip the baby tree out of the ground, but just wonder the pros and cons.

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We had one in Tampa, but it turned out to be a female and it dropped seeds all over which resulted in mega seedlings. Also after about ten years it developed weak branches and they came crashing down in heavy weather. And they were quite large. It also got some kind of bug infestation every year. We had to finally get rid of it. Other than that it was actually a very attractive tree, sort of that Oriental look and I liked that but not all the other stuff.

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It's a tree-sized mother of millions, is why. It's classed as an invasive because it spreads everywhere. If you want a tree like it, check out something like yellow poinciana, or cassia fistula, which in my opinion is also much prettier, and is also sometimes called golden rain.

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sweetmonkeycheese(z9 Tampa)

these ones are baby baby... little sticks 6 to 12 inches big, but they have grown, it will be yrs before they start to look anything like a real tree.

I dont even have room in the yard if they all make it, (11 of the 12 have made it since nov) but I am keeping them all until they are big enough to replant (paper work said 1 to 2 yrs they can stay in a nursery/ garden bed - not that we have either, we only had a rainey day and the clock ticking so we dug up a grassy patch and planted them in little rows and said..ok we will see if they die in a week or what, only 1 dogwood did not sprout a leaf, everyone else did, but 2 (i think the other dogwoods) the leafs look not so hot, so I worry about them.

It will be interesting to see what will become of the little sticks.

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I was doing the happy dance in my neighbors yard the day I talked them into cutting down the golden rain tree. Every year for 18 years I had millions of seedlings in my flower beds to weed out from that tree. Turns out is was diseased and full of bugs so it was a good thing they did cut it down.

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They are invasive, and not only will you deal with their invasiveness in a few years, your neighbors will have to as well.

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