Trailing Rosemary

pink_warm_mama_1(Z4 Maine)August 8, 2011

My Trailing Rosemary plant is being trained on a small form inside. It gets morning sun. It has been growing beautifully, but I now notice some of the very tips are beginning to brown. Is that from too much water? Not enough water? Or something else? Many thanks for your help.

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how big is your rosemary plant??

Watering and Fertilizing:
Indoors or out, avoid overwatering rosemary. Let plants in pots dry out between waterings. If you water rosemary too much its leaf tips begin to turn brown, then entire leaves die and drop off, starting at the base of the plant. Let soaked soil or container mix dry thoroughly before watering again.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

This often happens with indoor rosemary. Frankly, we don't know if the problem is too much water, too little water, or something else. LOTS of factors effect indoor plants. I always think of the quality of the potting medium first of all, as it must be coarse textured and able to drain rapidly. Watering should be thorough when the plant needs it. Keep in mind that rosemary does best in the full, outdoor sunlight and may have some problems when coaxed to a survival mode indoors.

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pink_warm_mama_1(Z4 Maine)

Thanks for your help. I can put the topiary outside for the rest of the summer and early fall but, of course, cannot keep it out longer here in Maine. Please tell me exactly how you would mix up the proper soil if you were growing one.

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