Help w/ Mexican Petunia

newf12(9florida)July 14, 2012

I have a mass planting of dwarf Mexican Petunias under a sago palm . They have been there for 6 years and always have a great display of flowers. Something has attacked them and they are losing all their leaves and are dying off. We were gone for a couple of weeks and came home to see them in rapid decline. The leaves are mottled with a brown fungus?and curling up, yellowing and dieing.I hav no idea what it is or what to treat with. Any help? Pic is attached showing infected leaves. Thanks

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i'd spray some "organicide" on 'em, late in the evening. hd and lowes has it. new growth should come out fine. hit the sago while your at it, could have scale too....not an expert, but that's what i'd do...m

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Maybe one of the Mexican Petunia-hating, native plant enthusiasts sprayed them with Round-up while you were gone. There are a lot of them out there. LOL!

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If it's that Ruellia species, it's classed a weed here, so maybe there as well. Ritaweeda might have a point there.

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